Simple Dating Tips that will Actually Work for You

Simple Dating Tips that will Actually Work for You

Dating is a tough game today… and finding a life partner is even tougher. Who knew dating would cause so much of stress and sometimes even depression. Yet, if things are not working out for you, don’t lose heart. [ Read: 10 Sure Signs You Can’t Trust the Guy You Are #Dating ]

Simple Dating Tips That Will Actually Work For You

Here are harsh realities that will change your attitude towards dating and bring you back in the game.

  1. Stop dating

If nothing is working out for you, just pull the breaks. It is completely okay to sit out of the game for a while, simply because you’d rather take a break than repeat your mistakes. This time-out will allow you to reflect on your life incidents and get your thinking back on track.  [ Read: 10 Best Signs To Know The Guy You’re #Dating Is A Real Keeper ]

  1. Steer the dating reins with your hand

Dating is like gambling, it tends to get addictive. Many a times, you may have decided not to fall for good looks and end up heartbroken, but the addiction performs a sort of black magic on you and you fall in the trap all over again. So instead of dating controlling your actions, you take the reins in your hand – train your mind to be strong and stand by to your strategies and decisions.  [ Read: 10 #Dating Love Lessons 80’S Teen Movie Can Teach You ]

  1. Don’t compare yourself

Comparisons is the worst possible feeling you can put yourself through. Love yourself and be confident about who you are, because there is nobody in this world like you. There are thin girls, blue-eyed women, dimpled- smile boys and six-pack abs men walking around everywhere, but that doesn’t make you less attractive or desired. Be comfortable in who you are and you’ll be the most beautiful painting the town red!  [ Read: 5 Reasons why being single is not so bad ]

  1. Be happy with your single status

Don’t obsess about having a boyfriend or girlfriend because that won’t get you one; it will only leave you with dark circles and grey hair. Embrace the fact that you are single and enjoy the phase. Once you find a partner these single days are not going to come back into your life. So put on your best clothes are go pub hopping with your gang. Who knows, you may just find your man at the next bar, when you least expect it.  [ Read: Reasons Why You Got Dumped ]

  1. Set your standards

In the desperation to date, just don’t go out with any Tom, Dick or Harry. Have your personal standards and don’t compromise on those. In the anxiety to have a partner, you will commit mistakes from the past and the relation will not last longer than three dates. Instead make wise choices keeping the bigger picture in mind. Remember that you are the prize here and the other person has to try and win you over.  [ Read: Blind #Dating – Pros and Cons ]

  1. Keep your options open

Don’t build dreams of marriage based on your first date. Also, just because you went for a few dates with one person, don’t assume that your relationship is exclusive. ! Make it a point to meet as many people as possible. As and when you meet people, observe their actions and reactions making a note of what you’ve liked and disliked. Over a period of time tick off points that work for you and then make your choice. [ Read: Annoying Habits Any Guy Would Hate About His Girlfriend ]

  1. Know when to back off

Don’t pity yourself or the opposite person. If things are not working out after the first few meetings, back out graciously. By being in an unwanted relationship, you are making it worse for you by each passing day. Instead be honest with yourself and the other person as to where you’ll are headed. You never know, this failed relationship will end up in a strong friendship so all won’t be lost.  [ Read: 12 Clear Signs You Have Big Commitment Issues! ]

  1. Work on your flaws

Yes, we did say that you must love yourself and be self-confident. Yet at the same time you should be aware of your flaws. If you know that a particular habit drives people away from you, get rid of it. For instance, if you tend to have too many drinks on your first date and your behaviour post the drinking session is reason you don’t get a second chance with that person, change that habit and have two drinks instead of five. [ Read: Read Why We Should Not Force Love And Give It Times ]

  1. First impressions may not be the last impressions

The saying that ‘The first impression is the last impression’ doesn’t stand strong in this case. More often than not, on first dates people tend to be someone else because of nervousness or consciousness. Online dating sites too are deceptive. So if you like the person and your instinct pushes you to meet him, go ahead because there is nothing to lose. If he’s great, you have a probable relationship in hand, if it doesn’t, it will be another failed attempt in your list.  [ Read: 26 Reasons Why I Hate You Despite Loving You So Much ]

  1. Ask for feedback

This will require a lot of courage, but of you can pull it off, your dating success rate is about to change! Try and connect with your previous dates that haven’t worked out and ask them for their feedback. If you keep an open mind hear out the other person, you will be able to make considerable changes in your behavior and mind-set which will reflect on your dating scene immediately.

There is not ideal recipe for dating. You can get all the tips and suggestions you wish, but at the tenth hour it is you who has to be comfortable delivering the needful. So read, listen, discuss and then tailor-make your own dating strategy which will lead you to the right person. Always remember, you’re best when you are comfortable in your own skin.