Dating the Guy Who Still Lives With His Parents!

Dating the Guy Who Still Lives With His Parents!

Dating the Guy Who Still Lives With His Parents!

You tend to meet a guy who is one big hot shot and super attractive. He has that kind of demeanour which defines him as carefree. After a few healthy and interesting rounding of conversation, you decide to go to his place. You enter and it’s a pretty big place for which you congratulate yourself. You have the first thought that he’s stable enough to buy that place. But once he opens the door, he whispers in your ear to be quiet as his parents might wake up. Hooking up with a guy who lives with his parents have their own pros and cons.  [ Read: 10 Sure Signs You Can’t Trust the Guy You Are Dating ]

It is not that big of a deal if you consider it. But you may have a second thought of considering this guy for a couple of more dates. You may start to wonder what’s holding him back to live with them even when he’s at the age at which he should be living all by himself. It is one social stigma now.

And most importantly, is it such a big deal?

For the girls who are unaware of the pros and cons of dating a guy who is living with his parents, here is a glimpse of some of them.

Some of the pros of being with the guy who stays with his parents!

  1. Gel up with the family!

Every girlfriend dies for this opportunity. It is good if things are getting serious by involving the parents. It’s altogether another level of relationship. But with you, it’s happening too early as his parents can drop over anytime. It is considered being lucky to get introduced to the parents of your partner. Take it as an advantage.  [ Read: 10 Biggest Dating Turn Offs for Guys That Girls Don’t Know About! ]

  1. Behaviour in the family!

Once you see his behaviour at home with his elder or younger siblings, you’ll know how he will treat you in future. You can easily figure out if he’s one of those dominating ones or rude to his siblings or parents. If you look that his family controls him, then you can know he’s in the wrong hands. If you figure out that he’s one sober guy who is a decent family oriented person, then you can consider a future with him.

  1. You can take the lead when he’s planning to move out!

At some point of time, your guy will realize that he need to leave his parents’ home. You can easily take the lead by choosing the apartment you wish to live in. Or you can even suggest him to stay closer to your place.  [ Read: 9 Rules of Dating Etiquette For the Modern Woman ]

  1. You know him too well now!

Not every girlfriend has the chance to peep in at the things which were lying down at his place since years. The relationship is now taking a new level. You now know him too well by considering his past, present and future plans.

  1. Best things in the life are free!

You guy doesn’t need to pay anything for his living. He’s being supported by his parents for his food, accommodation and everything else that follows. And, you even have the chance of watching your boyfriend being pampered by his mom. It is one rare sight. [ Read: Find out are you Dating a Married Man? ]

Some of the cons of being with the guy who stays with his parents!

  1. Privacy should exist!

You definitely will require some privacy if you are dating a guy. Every time you are having a pretty good time and his parents interrupt is not a very good sight. It is not good for them and even for you. You fail to get comfortable at his place. [ Read: Find out are Insecure Men Worth Dating? ]

  1. Hear through walls!

This is one danger sign on the wall when you can’t raise your voice just because his parents might hear you talk. You don’t want your personal matters to go out of the room.

  1. Can’t say no!

If you are at his place and his siblings or his parents plan out a scene to go out somewhere and chill, you can’t help but say yes. Even if you want to be all by yourself or with your guy, you still can’t deny the plan.  [ Read: 11 Ways to Make Your Guy Feel Appreciated and Cared For ]

  1. Restrictions!

He may be a free man but he also has some responsibilities which he needs to fulfil towards his family. And, there may be a few things which his parents would have a problem with. You can’t help it but sit there and wait for your guy to put an end to his household chores.

  1. Just at the wrong time!

It’s bad when you are in the middle of a heat of a moment, and suddenly, his mother calls you for dinner by knocking at the door. You definitely can’t miss that, but what you are doing is any day better than having a small talk with the family.  [ Read: 18 Signs to Know if Your Guy is Overprotective and Dominating! ]

Everything has its pros and cons, it has too. So, go and find more pros to make your relationship healthy!