Dating A Short Girl – Do Men Like It


Dating A Short Girl – Do Men Like It

Tall girl or short girl, how does it matter even. I don’t think it matters cause when one loves someone, the main thing that matters is the connection between the two.But still, the question arises “Do men actually date short girls”?? Frankly speaking, YES they do date. I have seen my brother marrying a girl shorter than him. Keeping in mind that he is 6’6 and his wife is 5’4 , and they are enjoying their married life very peacefully.

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Dating A Short Girl - Do Men Like It

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Why they like to date shorter girls??

  1. They are the perfect hugging material and the fact that they can reside their chin on her head, is something super adorable. And also, short girls can directly listen to your heartbeat, isn’t that something so romantic??
  2. Being the GUY, they kind of feel less powerful while dating a tall lean girl. A short girl looks more vulnerable (Without any hard feelings), and guys actually love protecting them. This feeling of protecting actually makes them feel psychologically more powerful. But in reality, shorter girls are actually more powerful and protective in nature. They look unprotected, but they are tigress who can go to any extent to protect themselves and their loved ones.
  3. They are like those little teddy bears, who can fit themselves anywhere with their partner. You can take them anywhere you want, and if needed, you can even pick them up on your shoulders and make those other walking girls jealous.
  4. Psychologically, if you think closely, men have this insane mind of dominating the leader board in every aspect. So, dating a short girl actually gives them the feeling of DOMINATING and also a fear of feeling more superior.

Now the question DO MEN REALLY LIKE IT??

Definitely! They love to date girls who are shorter than them. This makes them feel more powerful and superior (bothe height wise and emotional wise).

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Things to keep in mind while you are dating a short girl

  • Never misunderstand their silence as their weakness. They are silent because they don’t want you to see their insidious side. Both scientifically and emotionally, shorter girls have more self-respect and ego problem, when it comes to their own self.
  • They are tired and sick of hearing those age old comments on their height, they are tired of hearing names for themselves. And upon that, if you try to show you male dominating power, be sure to face the consequences at your own risk.
  • Having said the above point, shorter girls have a heart of gold. When they fall for someone, they fall with all their heart and mind. They are keen observers, good listeners and have an impeccable self-endurance. They wait for the best, and they deserve the best. So, if a 4’2 or a 5’2 has confessed their feelings for you, be sure to get them by your side throughout your life.

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Dating A Short Girl - Do Men Like It

The words “Height”, “Colour”, “Race”, “Caste/Religion”, “Gender”, never mattered in love. All that matters is how loyal you are to your partner. Even a short girl can backstab a good guy and a tall girl can be immensely loyal to his partner. These ratios of height or weight never described or judged a person. And there are no such things called “Do guys really date short girls?”. There is only one thing that matters and that is, the power of love. A  person should be judged by their deeds, by their behaviour, by their words, and not by their height.

RememberHeight is just a matter of measurement, but the heart is the beat of your life. Listen to it, feel it and then judge it, based on how you respond.