Dating Moves That Seem Awkward But are Pretty Cute

Dating Moves That Seem Awkward But are Pretty Cute

Dating Moves That Seem Awkward But are Pretty Cute

Awkward is the new trend which is flowing nowadays. People are bored of the usual dating movies and they always seek for something new. It is one term which can be pretty subjective. It totally depends from person to person. If you do something out of the way with somebody who doesn’t like you, they will not like you even more. But, if you do something awkward in front of the person you like, they may feel it is cute.

We live in an era where every new thing is welcomed. So is awkwardness. Awkwardness defines people as humans and not machines, who are not capable of committing any mistake. Some of the moves should be kept in mind to impress your date and to look ultimately endearing to your partner.  [ Read: 10 Ways to Avoid the Awkward Tension After an Argument ]

This way you won’t stick to them on every part and you will be able to give them a chance to like you even more. So, go ahead and try the below listed moves which will be of great help.

  1. Asking for the permission!

He asks you for your permission that whether he can kiss you or not. It is a rare species found in guys but it is ultimately adorable. It might get a little awkward for both of you but it is worth the awkwardness in every way. The guy must have practiced over a couple of times to make it sound like the perfect one. He carries no assumptions and treats you like his equal. [ Read: 14 Awkward Questions You Should Avoid Asking a Guy ]

  1. Car issues!

This doesn’t happen very frequently and it might not just happen to you. But, you can relate this in a number of other ways. Assume that you are going by the road and your guy is constantly looking at you while driving on the road. Suddenly, he bumps his car with another automobile. And, he suddenly says “you are so pretty that I couldn’t focus on the road and now look what happened!” It has the ability to make the situation a bit awkward but at the depth of it, it seems as so cute.

  1. Cook some food!

You don’t need to a chef to try this. Just think about surprising your partner by cooking them something that they will appreciate forever. Even if it gets overcooked or under cooked, it’s fine because you took an initiative. It is one thing which is adored by each of the partners. Food is one thing which takes a tough job to prepare and it will be respected when you do it for your loved one. And, experiment as much as you can. This is what makes the thing take a different turn.  [ Read: 10 Essential Things All Newly Weds Must Know ]

  1. Accidentally saying “I love you”

At times, our excitement level is too high to think of anything else. We might just say the L word even in the beginning of the relationship. It is weird for somebody to hear this at such an early stage but it’s cute too. There is no perfect time for such a thing. It makes the situation a bit weird but all the girls will probably love this weird situation. Some magic lies in these 3 words that nobody could ever explain.

  1. Dancing or just trying!

It is one thing which can never lose its charm. Even if you don’t know the D of dancing, its okay as your partner wants you to try and help you with it. Slow dance can make you feel romance in a thousand ways. So, go find a place with your man and grove to the tunes of a romantic number. It might get a little awkward at the starting, but it’s worth it.  [ Read: 18 Ways To Look Attractive And Make Him Give A Second Look! ]

  1. All clean!

If your date thinks about you as the prettiest lady ever to be with him. Then, he’ll be cautious before each of his move. He will get himself cleaned up before representing him to you. It is adorably cute and a respected gesture which will melt your heart in no less time.

  1. Wearing his clothes!

If you are at your date’s place and by chance, your dress experiences a mess. Then, you wear something that your date offers. Wearing that oversized shirt may be weird but it will seem super cute once you change into that. Wearing your girlfriends is a thing, but stepping in the clothes of what your boyfriend is another level thing. It looks adorable to all the guys.  [ Read: 6 Ways To Get Your Boyfriend To Dress Better ]

Awkward moments seem amazingly beautiful even if you are one of those persons with a perfect timed theory. It gives you a chance to laugh about something in the end and it grows your relationship to another level. Sometimes, it is no harm to make a fool out of yourself just to make the person you love smile. It is one precious moment which shouldn’t go waste.