Dating A Guy With Kids- Inordinate and Daunting


Dating A Guy With Kids- Inordinate and Daunting

Falling in love with a man who has kids can be both inordinate and hair-raising. It’s true that love see’s no age nor it has any kind of criteria’s, it just happens when we find that partner for our entire life. But dating a guy with kids/a kid has some basic protocols which one needs to keep in their mind.

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Dating A Guy With Kids- Inordinate and Daunting

1/Their child is their first priority

No matter how long you’ve been dating each other, if his child is not well all plans will be canceled. Don’t get hyper if your plan gets canceled, instead, go to his house and take care of the baby. Play with him/her and make the desired space in their heart and mind.

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2/Maintain the confidence in YOUR relationship

Please remember that his “EX” wife will always be a part of your family. After all, she is the mother of those beautiful kids and you have to control your jealousy. Be a matured lady and maintain good terms with her. More than anything, since its c co-parenting situation, you have to make yourself flexible and yes, maintain the confidence in your personal relationship.

3/Maintain healthy relationship with your in-laws

Be extra careful with them. Cause, they are going to see you as their son’s better half. So, a little bit more careful with your expressions. And most importantly, how you deal with the kids is of prime importance. Your in-laws are not monsters or tigers, they won’t eat you up. Be the way you are with your parents, keep it light and enjoy your HAPPY FAMILY MOMENT.

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4/Give time to the kids

In this case, a way to your man’s heart is through their kids. Be good and behave nice, be their best friend and flush out the feelings of being ignored or placed second in the priority list. For every parent, their child comes first. Go out with them, watch a movie together, bake some of their favourite dishes and yes, never interrupt when your man is spending some time with their kids. See point no 5.

5/Give them space and don’t interrupt always 

In my previous point, I said you to spend some quality time with the kids, but don’t land up every time in between them. Let the father and the daughter/son spend some time together. Give them the space they need, I mean won’t it be really awkward that all of a sudden the kids are seeing a new lady venturing into their house and spending time with them and their father?? They too need time to adjust both mentally and emotionally. No matter how inordinate the feelings be, you should know the line.

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6/He has his own priorities too

You are in love with a man who has his priorities already sorted out. He is a matured man and knows his duties very well. And having that little bundle of joy completely changed his life for good. He knows how to be financially stable, he knows how to come home and spend time wit his family and also knows how to keep away evil eyes from his family. So, trust your man. He had married or chosen you not because he needed someone, but because he felt you can complete him as a family.

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Dating A Guy With Kids- Inordinate and Daunting

The situation is not easy I know. The feeling of “what if my own child gets ignored” comes in between. But trust me,even if you have your own child in the future, he will love him/her in the same manner as he did to his own child. Yes, the responsibility  of making the elder one understand is your job. Be a dotting mother and never take the decision of the second child in a rush. Give yourself time, your family time, and most importantly, the kid, give him/her time. Life is both daunting and inordinate, you just have to balance it accordingly.