Love OverSeas – The Highs and Lows Of Dating A Foreigner Bf/Gf


Love OverSeas – The Highs and Lows Of Dating A Foreigner Bf/Gf

So what if you are dating a Foreigner BF/GF, love is platonic and it requires no passport even if you fall for someone outside your nation. But, yes as it happens in all other relationship, this one too has its own pros and cons, but the pros mostly in leading numbers than the cons, and since it is all about the love we know how to handle the negative points. So without much ado, let’s start the journey to the overseas-

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Love OverSeas The Highs and Lows Of Dating A Foreigner Bf Gf-likelovequotes

First the Cons-

1/ A different culture altogether

Always remember that a thing which is normal to you might be abnormal to him/her. So, during that phase never argue or pick up questions like- “You know in our culture we don’t have this” or “You don’t understand our value”, etc and such questions where you are directly commenting on their culture. This is a fact that the culture in which you had been raised will be “normal” to you, but even the culture in which your partner has been raised is “normal” to them too. So, respect each other’s cultural difference instead of pointing out problems.

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2/ Language barrier

Communication can be a huge barrier if you are dating a foreigner BF/GF. Like what he/she is trying to say, and every time opening google or translator to decipher the phrase is really tough. This creates a huge especially when you have decided to introduce them to your family, that time it can be an issue of concern; apart from this, still you can learn the language once you both start living with each other.

Now let’s move to the pros

1/ A new level altogether

Just imagine how exciting it would be to date someone totally different from your culture! I mean, you get to learn a lot about your partner’s culture, food, what is their behaviour and lots many interesting things.

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2/ Explore the unexplored 

Have you ever imagined how it would be to just pack your bags and go to an unknown land, discover it with your love partner, search the unexplored jewels for your blog or for your own memoir? Nothing can beat the excitement of walking hand in hand with your love partner, even though the roads and streets might be familiar to your BF/GF, still he/she would behave as if it’s a new part they are exploring. But please don’t just go into a relationship for exploring places or tasting their food, by this you will only hurt their emotions, unless you both are cool about this short term relationship. But I personally prefer long term relationship over summer or winter flings.

3/ Getting to know each others family with subtle nuance

Absolutely! Meeting his/her family for the first time can be really exciting and emotional at the same time. What they will think about our outfit or the way we share our greetings, how they will accept us and all those little-big unpredictable thoughts. I mean, dating someone from our own culture is indeed exciting, but, this concept of having a foreigner BF/GF, getting introduced to their family is something different. A new feeling, new atmosphere, bonded by the familiarity of love.

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Foreigner or within our boundary, when it comes to love it has no limitations or LOC. The secret ingredient of working it out with a foreigner partner is PATIENCE, ADOPT and the ABILITY to ADJUST. And the strange things is, even we (Team LikeLoveQuotes) share the same tag line, which is- Divided by regions, united with love.

Words of LOVERespect and Understanding are the two keys to any imperfectly-happy relationship.