Dating A Capricorn – 5 Points To Keep In Mind


Dating A Capricorn – 5 Points To Keep In Mind

One should always be clear with what they want in life, like dating a Capricorn or deciding to go on an unplanned travel spree or anything. There should be clean and clear planning on your mind. Something like dating a Capricorn needs much more conviction and an X-Factor. Yes, if you are dating the tenth sign from the Zodiac family, you will know why I am talking about conviction once I start writing my article.

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Dating A Capricorn - 5 Points To Keep In Mind

December 22 – January 19

1/ Not an easy one to date

If you are thinking to impress them with musical lines or romantic quotes, please go and bore someone else with your lines, a Capricorn is not an easy one to impress. They have their standards set and romantic lines or candle light dance don’t impress them, something out of the box, something like “brain over face” kind of concept.

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Dating A Capricorn - 5 Points To Keep In Mind

2/ They breathe honesty or speaking the truth

You can take it both as a positive and a negative sign. The honest nature of a #Capricorn often helps them to identify who their true life partner is. But at times, their speaking the truth nature hurts people’s sentiments or feelings. They even land themselves into trouble for being so honest, so, dating them would require a lot of patience and of course a functioning brain to stop them when they are about to dig the grave by their HONEST attitude.

3/ They love to “go slow”

They are not “Love at first sight” types and thus take their own sweet time to decide on whether to go slow. They have their own sweet time and prefer looking out for cynical means to judge their partner. They love to test their partner before loving them with all their heart.

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4/They love competition

They love to compete and win them. They prefer running the race with the hardest competitors and winning them with the same grit and attitude. They are not those who fear to lose or kind of gets depressed after losing a battle, a #Capricorn believes in taking those moments of failure as a teaching. They are hard workers and loves to take work pressure whenever needed. The word lazy, procrastination is not in their dictionary.

5/They adore their family and wishes to have one in the future

From outside they might look hard like not an easy one to impress, but from inside they are really simple. They too desire to have a family like they have, a loving mother, caring father, notorious sister/brother, and can go to any extent to keep their smile intact. They love their family and nothing comes in between that. Having a husband and having their own children is their secret desire, they are choosy and thus requires time  to search their match. Actualy, they hate commotion in a family and this is the reason they take their own sweet time.

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6/Mood swings are their regular visitors

At one moment they are all smiling and speaking their heart out, but at the next moment you will notice they are sitting in a corner enjoying a good book. Nobody could ever decipher their sudden behavorial change, but, being a #Capricorn at times I feel that our over-thinking nature or deep intellectual thinking keeps us attached to mood swings. We tend to think a lot about love and family or anything which has life-value.

Dating A Capricorn - 5 Points To Keep In Mind

So, basically this was all about being the tenth sign of the Zodiac family. Ruled by Sa, they value family, tradition and all related to love and care. From outside they might look villainous but those who knows a #Capricorn know them actually.

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Dating A Capricorn - 5 Points To Keep In Mind

You need to extremely lucky to unlock their heart. Money, cars, rich holidays don’t attract them, just those small moments like- family, long term relationships, long hugs, forhead kiss and all those simple love hacks. But to reach that space, you have to be your best.