Dating Best Friends – Pros and Cons

Dating Best Friends – Pros and Cons

Everybody has that one friend who they have this deal with, where in if they turn forty and don’t find anyone, they will marry them. And sometimes you can be incredibly good friends with somebody and suddenly, they propose. So what’s it like to date a non-stranger? How is it dating someone who knows you too well? How is it like dating your best friends?

Dating best friends – Pros and Cons

It can be good and bad both, depending on what your expectations are.

Let’s look at a few pros and cons of dating your best friend or a good friend.


1. Better Understanding

You need not worry about them understanding you. They obviously know you well and have been around you for several years perhaps. You wouldn’t have to explain things too much. They wouldn’t seek much explanation or demand things which you cannot deliver.

2. Comfort level

The comfort level can be extremely good between two friends even while dating. You’ve probably shared your most embarrassing incidents with him or her and they love you in spite of that. You can tell them anything and they won’t get bored. They probably already know a lot about your life by now.

 3. No need of image building

When dating somebody new, we tend to not over react or be casual so that we don’t come off as needy or desperate. But when with your friend, you know you can call them or text them at any hour. You don’t need to pretend something you are not, just for the sake of what impression you will make on your date.

 4. Same social circle

Both of you know each other’s social circle. Have a good knowhow about each other’s parents and home. In fact your parents might support your decision if it’s a friend that you are dating. You must be having the same group or common friends in abundance that will constantly encourage you and be happy for you too.


1. Predictability

When you are dating someone you know extensively, the major barrier is the predictability. They know you and your reactions to things; you know them and their behavior to certain things. It can get a little monotonous if new things aren’t tried out at all.

2. Can be awkward

Remember when Rachel and Joey tried to date? They couldn’t go ahead with it because probably they were too good friends to become lovers. This can be a practical problem as well. If you have been completely in the “friend zone” of someone, it can be difficult to revive from it and shift to a whole new zone. It can cause serious laughs and can be sufficiently awkward.

3. Can result in loss of a great friend

Well, if things don’t go too well. You will lose a partner, but hell, you will lose the best friend you had. This is a major reason why people don’t like to date their best friends. They value the friendship and the equation too much to try it out as ‘lovers’. Once the thread of friendship is broken it can be almost irreparable. One of the two involved would be having a terrible heart ache.

4. No blood rush

There is always a certain amount of excitement and blood rush when you date somebody new; certain amount of unpredictability which makes it interesting and a topic of conversation. Without that kind of blood rush, it can sometimes get boring to date your best friend. Everything is already known. Even your favorite food joints are always the same. People who love to try new things and meet new people will often not like to date their best friends.

Have you ever dated your best friend? Share your experiences in the comments section.