Dating An Alpha Woman- Here’s Your Guide To Crack It


Dating An Alpha Woman- Here’s Your Guide To Crack It

First of all, let me make it clear to all of you out there, dating a diva and dating an alpha woman is nothing similar. They are extremely focused and cautious about their time. She is dominant, authoritative, intelligent, strong and confident about her work and herself. She has no time for romance and if bu chance, she does take out sometime, one must be well prepared to adjust her alpha level. So, before you date someone like her, here are few important characteristics you must know about her.

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Dating an Alpha Woman- Here's Your Guide To crack It

#1. She is bold, not a bitch

The first and the first point you must keep in your mind. Actually, due to their bold and sarcastic attitude and the way they carry themselves independently, people mistake them to be rude or arrogant. But in reality, they are strong, bold and know how to support themselves. Thus, if you are dating an alpha woman, you should always clean your mind before the date! They are not like those regular girls out there. She is outspoken and loves to speak her mind. If she disagrees with something, she will say it on your face. Least bothered about what you feel or think. And if you upset her by any action or words, you’ll feel the heat then and there!

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#2. She’ll challenge you

Not like she will always be in some kind of competition but, she is not someone to loose at all. Keeping her point and challenging you in every possible is her forte. If you win you win her heart and if you disagree, you will leave the place with a sulky face. You know, sometimes this attitude of their kind of makes people have a negative impression about them. Like they are crazy, knuckle-headed, deeply selfish, etc. But you know what the truth is, they just don’t give a flying monkey to your imaginations.

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#3. A Damsel in Distress?? – DREAM ON

Oh! You thought she was like a lady in need or someone who needs a man to support herself?? I salute your imagination boy! An #alpha lady is someone who doesn’t need anyone by her side to support her or save her from any serious situations. They are enough to safeguard themselves. Ok but, by this, I don’t mean they are against relationships or falling for someone. They too love when men help them or appreciate them genuinely. It is just that, they have shaped up themselves like this- STRONG and BRAVE enough to fight for themselves. Try taming them and they’ll teach you how to ride a horse.

#4. Sarcastic Soul

She speaks and eats sarcasm. Her favorite one-liners are those which will just go beyond your head. They love to speak and joke in a rather sarcastic way. If you understand it good or don’t trouble yourself to understand it either. It is their style of joking and showing their funny side up to their closed pals.

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#5. Sorted out souls

Yeah! They know what they want from their life and what they don’t. People like them already have a map ready for their career and future. They love doing things accordingly following the plan. Be it their diet chart or their life chart, they have a plan for everything.

Dating an Alpha Woman- Here's Your Guide To crack It

Life of an #alpha women is not an easy one, neither it is something really tough. They also aspire to be pampered but only by those who know how to respect their thinking and independent attitude.