Dallas Coffee for a Houston Love – Poem

Dallas Coffee for a Houston Love - Poem
By: Thomas Mitchell Franey (member of LikeLoveQuotes.com)

Dallas Coffee for a Houston Love

Coffee With you.

Two of things in my world I hold dear.
First I bring is need is clear.

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In the midst of wakening, it is evident I need to vise
is a you, little taste of morning pleasures what i hold.

having you in my hand every daybreak wakes me up with sunrise.
Starting the day with you I say is not so bold.

As time goes, I think of consuming more of you as the day goes through
I ponder how i can go without such gift from nature that keeps me straight.

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There are times things taste bitter as one brews.
but every dime for each time I add extra sugar to make it great.

Lunch is not a pleasant, but a bliss with a side of you
It is only a present when you are in my view.

After a long day, I come home to do only one thing in mind,
To allow myself to settle with you as the hours go behind.

By my desk, you sit, assisting my fuel of content,
tasting and enjoying any chance of you by intent.

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Having you around at night, makes me jittery though blissed
but with sleep, Is hard, when you’re missed.

But in the next day, I look forward for to my fix that keeps me going forever .
and oh, I also love coffee and wish to have to share that together.

Written by: Thomas Mitchell Franey