Cute Ways To Say Good Night To Your Crush

Cute Ways To Say Good Night To Your Crush. Sleep Well, My Love!

Love makes us do things we normally wouldn’t. Call it crazy, mushy, stupid or go awww, truth is, love makes us do things we normally wouldn’t. Did I say that already? Well, love is like that. And one is nothing if not romantically innovative. Flowers are overdone, letters outdated, sms passed, Whatsapp too regular and FB lacks privacy. Show your love in a manner that it makes an impact. Wishing them Good Morning and Good Night holds a special places. Do your homework and find out your boyfriend/ girlfriend’s favorite flowers, their favorite place and favorite hour of the day. Yes, do that. Now take them to their favorite place, at their favorite time, say during sunset, and gift them a hand-assembled bouquet of their favorite flowers. Now that’s what romance is made of! This will surely take you up notches in their books of all time favorites.

Cute Ways To Say Good Night To Your Crush

As people say, my favorite love story is ours – so if you are authoring your own love story, why not fill the pages with golden memories and awesomeness! Start your days with words filled with sunshine and end your nights with thoughts filled with sugar, spice, and everything nice. Intrigued? Let me help you with some ideas that are bound to earn you a few brownie points, and maybe a few kisses, with your oh-my-love!

  1. There’s nothing better than saying good night personally, right?

Why not surprise the love of your life with an impromptu visit? Call your babe and ask her what does she think when she sees a red car? Chances are she will laugh at you for such whacky questions. Now drive by her window, call her up and say, the next time she sees a red car, she will only think of this memory – when you came to see her and say good night! Another way an impromptu visit can be planned is to tell your guy that you are going out with your girlfriends for a night of fun and drinks. And then show up at his doorstep! [ Check out: 7 Romantic Ways To Say Good Morning To Your Boyfriend Or Girlfriend


  1. Send a flower.

Send a flower, Then one more. Then one more, and one more. Attach each letter to spell ‘Good Night’ along with the individual flowers. Feeling rich, add ‘Love’ to the ‘Good Night’, if you please. Don’t limit this only to flowers. You can use any number of props – cuddly soft toys, nightwear, flip flops, accessories, more thought you put into your gift, the better.

  1. What better than cuddling your girlfriend/ boyfriend to sleep, right?

Well, if you cannot be present beside them yourself, at least you can make them feel like it. Gift a cute piece of nightwear, maybe embossed with your name, or your initials. It is sure to keep them warm through the coldest nights. Go a step ahead and gift a warm, cozy blanket!

  1. Nightwear isn’t enough to translate your love across?

Then gift them a pillow. Get a printed one with your picture on it, a cute message that says how you feel, or the nickname you have given to your love. What better way to say good night, than knowing that you will be on their mind, literally!

  1. Send them love quotes about good night.

No, seriously. It might sound clichéd, but it works, for when you are in love, anything that has the words love, sugar, sweetheart, baby and my-little-munchkin makes you swoon. Since the idea is to convey your feelings, add a sentence or two of your own at the end of the quote. [ Also read: 7 Signs He Is Falling In Love With You ]

  1. What was your favorite bedtime activity as a kid?

Reading bedtime stories, right? Remember how we spoke about authoring your love story – you are the writer, and the main character. So write about it. Draft a bedtime story, albeit very romantic, especially for your love. For the more creatively inclined ones, you can actually go ahead and compile a whole series! Who knows, you might be a Rowling in waiting?

  1. Have a long phone call.

Yes, it is what everyone does. But everyone does this because is it so utterly romantic. However, the whole point here is to be different and more romantic right? Then here is how you can take a routine conversation and turn it ‘ooh’. Let your inner child free and play games over the phone. Anything from a game of phone tag to naming your favorite movies, anything will work. The idea here is to let your significant other go to sleep with a light mind and a happy heart. If you are feeling naughty, turn the game a little raunchy! But then, don’t complain if you have trouble sleeping.

  1. If history is any evidence, we all know that romantic poems are timeless.

Aren’t volumes and volumes of books full with poems on love and romance? Take inspiration, wear your poet’s hat and sit down to write. Pen down a poem for your loved one, enunciating on the fact that how beautiful and peaceful they look when sleeping. How you wish the best dreams for them and how much happy it makes you to see them smile in the morning! [ Read here: 15 Ways To Make Him or Her Go Crazy Over You ]

One thing is for sure, with all these ideas, your love will surely lose some sleep, thinking how much in love they are! Love is all about making the other person feel special, indulged and pampered. And it is rewarding too. You will feel a lot more content and warm when you have made your love smile! Love is a language in itself, and make sure you convey your feelings the right way.