Cute Valentine Day Gift Ideas For Him And For Her

Cute Valentine Day gift ideas for him and for her

Valentine day is fast approaching and everyone thinking about Valentine Day Gift ideas, couples are making plans on how to make their valentine feel special on this auspicious day. Everyone thinking about valentines day gift ideas and wondering what should they gift their partners and how they should go about it. Should it be a picture of their family tree or should it be fancy diamond jewelry? Some of us are so confused and nervous that we ask our friends for suggestions and gift ideas. Not only your gift has to be unique but it should also be personalized and creative. For all her friends are going to discuss their gifts post valentine and all his friends are going to talk about what they gifted their girls. You really need to rack your brains in order to come up with a cute as well as affordable gift item. [ Read:  9 Wonderful and Strange Valentine’s Day Traditions from Around the World ]

Cute Valentine Day gift ideas for him and for her

Let’s see a few Valentine Day Gift ideas you could use to impress HER

A locket

A locket with a heart shaped pendant is the perfect gift to see her smile. If possible, include her or both of yours picture inside the heart shaped locket. That way your special gift, will always remain close to her heart during all times. [ Read: This Valentine Day, EXPRESS to IMPRESS {Your Crush} ]

A book

If your girl loves book, gift her book based on some love story. She will not only enjoy reading it, but will also know how you feel for her. She will smile with every incident mentioned in the story and how it relates to the both of you.

A cute pillow

A soft and cute red cushion is the perfect gift to play around with her. She would love to hold on to it and hug it while she misses you. Girls love such cute and fluffy gifts. It could also be a cute soft toy that you know she is fond of like teddy bears. [ Read: Valentine Week – What does each day mean? ]

A personalized love puzzle

A personalized jigsaw puzzle completing a picture of the both of you, would be a smart as well as cute gift. You could also gift her personalized coffee mug with an awesome photo of the both of you on that mug. That way, she would be seeing the both of you happy together, every morning before she begins her day even.

A few Valentine Day Gift ideas to impress HIM

A personalized laptop or mobile cover

Guys are fond of funky laptop and mobile covers, although they might not be comfortable showing off personal photos on the back of the laptop or mobile. But you could always gift them a cover about something they are passionate about, like sports or some batman movie. It could also be a classy pen with his full name inked on it. [ Read: Reasons Why Women Don’t Admit To Watching Porn ]

A backpack

If your guy is big on traveling, gift him a cute backpack which he could carry everywhere he goes. He would definitely remember you wherever he takes the backpack. You could hide small love notes everywhere inside the back pack to make it more interesting.

Cool headphones

If your guy is a music geek, gift him a pair of ultra cool headphones which he can proudly show off around his friends. You could alternatively gift him a play station if he is into video games. [ Read: The Real Power Of A Man Is ]


A watch to remember the good times spent with you, would be the perfect gift item for this valentine. Make sure the watch is stylish as well as to his tastes. A watch makes for a classy gift, along with the note, “for the times we spent and are about to spend together…”

A sports item

If your boyfriend loves sports, gift him something that will make him shocked. It could be an autographed basketball or football. It could be the jersey of the team he feels passionately about. This way, he will not only love you more but will understand that you respect his passions and hobbies too. [ Read: 8 Cool Gifting Ideas for Your Girlfriend ]

What are your valentine day gift ideas? You can also tell us about a surprise gift you got from your valentine and how much you loved it in the comments section.