Cute Short Romantic Love Story Every Couple Must Read

Cute Short Romantic Love Story Every Couple Must Read

Cute Short Romantic Love Story Every Couple Must Read

‘Bye,’ Ella bid goodbye to her father she got out the sedan and marched towards the entrance of the college.

I caught a glimpse of her as I entered inside the campus in my scooter.

She looked ethereal as always and wore a bright, confident smile on her face that made her stand out I n the crowd. It has been a year since I joined college but she did not ever notice me.

Why would she? I was not half as good looking as her boyfriend who picks her up, after the class, on a super expensive sports bike.

‘Hey Peter! What’s up, buddy?’, Tim asked me at the parking lot. [Read : 15 Tips to be Nice and Loved by All! ]

‘I am good, Tim. How are you?’, I asked while trying to shoo away the image of Ella from my mind.

‘Great. Did you complete the assignment? I am still working on it.’

‘Yes, I did. Finished it yesterday. The last time I could not finish my assignment on time and got a earful from Mr. Gomes. Hopefully, this time around, he will like my assignment.

‘I am sure he will,’ he said patting on my back.

Both of us moved towards our classroom. [Read : Best 100 Reasons WHY I Love HIM So Much ]

‘We have a PD class today,’ Tim said.

‘Is it Thursday? Oh, yes. It is,’ I observed.

‘Man, I hate these PD classes. They are so boring,’ Tim complained.

‘They are not so bad,’ I protested.

‘They are!’PD stood for Personality Development. We had these classes every Thursday. The college believed that being management students, it was important for us to develop a strong and confident personality. These classes consisted of some team tasks that required us to channelize our creative energies and bring to fore a confident personality. Most of the students did not like these classes but I found them to be fun. [Read : BIG Difference Between Like And Love ]

The first class we had was that of accountancy. It was not my least favourite subject but an important one. So, I had to pay close attention to what was being taught even as every single minute felt like an hour.

I looked at Ella. She was deeply engrossed with a question that we had been asked to solve. Ella was a very good student and everybody looked for her help with working out with these complicated questions. She was surrounded by a group of students requesting her to help them out with the question. I could see her complying with their requests and helping out everyone with a lot of patience. [Read : Just Another Love Story – Based on Real Life Experience ]

I heaved a sigh of relief after the accountancy class got over. The PD class was to follow next. I could see a most of the students getting distressed because of the Pd class. I, of course, was happy and looked forward to the class.

‘Hello everyone,’ Mr. Smith greeted us as he entered the class. Mr. Smith was our PD teacher and was a very nice, warm gentleman.

‘Today,’ he continued in the same breath, ‘I have arranged a very interesting task for you. You will be divided into a group of two people. You guys will have to pretend that you have opened a new company. The kind of company it is and the other details – you figure out. When your turn comes, you have to come at the podium with your team member and tell us how you plan to launch the company and promote it.’ [Read : 18 Ways Of Saying ‘I LOVE YOU’ ]

‘I can see that all of you are sitting with someone. So, we already have teams here. Oh, wait! There is one boy and one girl who are sitting alone and they do not have a partner. Why don’t you team up together?’ he asked.

I knew the guy was me but the girl…I looked around. It was Ella!

Ella was sitting all alone and she did not have a partner.  My heart started pumping out of both nervousness and excitement.

A couple of minutes later, Ella was sitting beside me. She was fiddling with her phone and did not seem interested in the task. [ Read: The Story Of A Perfect Couple ]

‘Umm..Hi! My name is Peter. We have not been introduced before,’ I said extending my hand.

‘Ella,’ she replied curtly and shook hands with me.

‘I think we should concentrate on the task at the moment,’ I said in a serious tone.

I regretted it immediately. I should have talked to her a lot more politely. I knew she would not react very gently to this.

‘Oh! I am really sorry. I was just replying to a text message,’ she said apologetically.

I was taken aback by her reaction. I thought she would be livid at me but to my utter surprise she was being nice to me.

‘No. No. It is perfectly alright. I am…okay let’s concentrate on this.

Ella was very cooperative as a team member and we worked out a great promotional strategy for our dummy company.

I was surprised to see that she asked me a lot about my life, friends and stuff. We got talking and realized we had a lot in common. [Read : Love and Relationships go hand in hand. ]

‘Would you like to go out with me to that new bookstore?’ she asked.

‘Yeah, sure. Let’s exchange numbers,’ I said with a smile.

We exchanged numbers and I could not stop grinning from ear to ear.

Suddenly, something struck me. Her boyfriend.

‘That guy…who comes to pick you up. Isn’t that your boyfriend?’, I asked coyly.

‘What?’ she looked stunned at first and then started laughing.

‘He is my cousin. He lives nearby. So, he picks me up from college’, she said and then added ‘Hope you are not worried now.’ [Read : I found myself trying to find my  own personal meaning of love.]

I broke into a wide smile.

I knew this was the beginning of many good things to come