Here are Some Cute Lines To Propose Your Valentine!

Here are Some Cute Lines to Propose Your Valentine!

Are you looking for cute lines to propose your valentine? There are hardly few days left for the day of love and romance, which is celebrated pompously worldwide. Yes, I’m talking about none other than the celebration of the VALENTINE DAY! If you are deeply in love with someone, then am sure you know the importance of this day. It is immensely popular amongst the youth and old couples alike. It is synonymous with the celebration of love worldwide. If you have already found the one who has stolen your heart and you are happy with, the best day to confess your feelings or make a formal proposal would be the very same Valentine Day. [ Read: Hidden messages behind the different colors of Valentine Roses ]

Here are Some Cute Lines To Propose Your Valentine -likelovequotes

Make this Valentine day special for the one you one, by giving them the gift of your love, confessing your true feelings to them and proposing them to spend their life with you. Every couple in love has some special celebration plans for the Valentine Day. But proposing your loved one on this day can be quite stressful. You might be apprehensive about the response you get or how to go about it. There is always a question whether your valentine will like your efforts or would turn the other way around.

Let’s look at a few lines that are sure to make your Valentine puppy eyed and love struck. Using these lines with the complete honesty, expression, ambiance and gifts will make anybody go weak in their knees. [ Read: 10 Cute ways to propose your girlfriend ]

  • Take your valentine for a walk in a romantic setting and kneel down in the middle of your walk and tell them that “I love to walk with you, holding your hand. I would like to walk the entire road of my life with you. Would you walk down the aisle with me and make me the luckiest man in the world?”
  • If you are a couple who live apart but visit each other a lot, you can tell them how much you want them staying with you forever. Tell them, “Just like I miss you immensely when you are gone, this home seems empty when you aren’t here. Will you make my home your life long address?” [ Read: What Are Seven Days After Valentine Day – Most Of You Don’t Know About ]
  • If you want to propose your Valentine at a fancy restaurant and want to go down the clichéd route of hiding the ring in the cake or the glass of wine. You can use a line like, “The most beautiful girl in the world is seated in front of me, and she has made my life a delicious treat… I can’t help but ask if she would you like to share all the bitter sweet moments of her life with me forever?”
  • Maybe you have made exotic plans of a vacation with your partner. You could also propose to your Valentine while travelling. If you are in flight, and you both are seated together watching the fleet of clouds from the window, you can go ahead and whisper in her ears,” Just like this flight is soaring above the fleet of clouds, I feel on top of the world whenever I am with you, and I want to feel like this for the rest of my life. Would you accompany me in this life long journey forever?” [ Read: Turn On The Charm, To Make Your Valentine Feel Warm ]
  • Your romantic proposal could also be in the bed just as your valentine wakes up. Serve a loving plate of breakfast to them in bed, and tell them, “I would like to have all my meals with you for the entire life. Please be my valentine forever!”
  • You could give her a fine piece of diamond jewelry and tell her these loving words, “This ring looks perfect when you wear it, just like the way I look perfect when you are with me! Would you make me the most perfect man in the world today?”
  • You are one of the best thing that has ever happened to me, and I want us to be together for life.

What are your plans and ideas to propose your valentine this Valentine Day? Share your thoughts and ideas with us about your special proposal in the comments section.