15 Cute First Date Ideas to WOW Your Lady Love

15 Cute First Date Ideas to WOW Your Lady Love

First dates are always extra special, the first memories of a memorable journey. Your first date ideas should be simple yet unique to impress your lady luck.

So, things are moving in the right direction and you are going out on a date with the prettiest girl tomorrow. But can’t decide where to take your lady love on your special first date? The good old dinner and a movie still work but why not add a little spice to make it extra special? After all no one can deny the importance of first impressions, you would not want to future girlfriend to start thinking of you as boring on the very first date.

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15 Cute First Date Ideas to WOW Your Lady Love

If you are finding it difficult to plan your first date here are a few suggestions to help you decide.

  1. Go for a long drive

Plan a long nice evening on the highway. With a romantic playlist on the stereo and cool breeze in your hair making her comfortable should be as easy as a walk in the park.

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  1. Lunch at a cozy restaurant in town

Enjoy some light conversation with good food and laughter. If you know her taste in food make it a point to choose the restaurant accordingly to pack in a nice surprise!

  1. Beach

A walk on the beach amidst the soft breeze would help soothe any unsettled nerves and there is always the music of the waves to fill in empty spaces in your conversation.

  1. Give you date a kickstart with coffee

Coffee is famous to stimulate conversations. Give it a shot!

  1. Stargazing

Relax under a blanket of stars. Tell stories, share dreams and wish when the shooting star passes by.

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  1. Adventure Sports

Take her out for bungee or any other adventure sport. A rush of blood and adventure will raise the good spirits.

  1. Go Dancing

Classic form of artistic expression, will get your lady close and in your arms. Not bad!

  1. Watch the sunset together

Get out of the city and take her where you can together experience the sun setting over the horizon. Let the show of the dancing last light create a serene ambiance for you.

  1. Watch a movie

The good old movie date still works! You don’t need to keep the conversation going at all times and still get to spend quality time with her.

  1. Shopping

It can never go wrong, mostly. Just do not try to rush things and she sure will be happy.

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  1. Amusement Parks

Plan a fun and exciting day, enjoy the rides and experience the thrill. Let go of the formalities and shout till your stomach stops to tickle.

  1. Be the master-chef

If you are the one with some good cooking skills, invite her home, light some candles and enjoy a romantic meal.

  1. Wine Tasting

If you prefer to add a touch of charm, take her to a wine festival. As you try out different wines and get a bit tipsy, it will help you melt the ice a little faster.

  1. Hot air balloon

Being alone hundreds of feet in the air will give some quality time to spend with her.

  1. Invite her for a gaming session on your Xbox

She will love it, just get her favorite games. Fill in a bowl of popcorn and enjoy some game time.

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All dates are ordinary, It’s the relationships that are special. What do you think about these first date ideas will work for you the most.