Cute and Romantic Reasons Why Men Love to Date Shy Women

Cute and Romantic Reasons Why Men Love to Date Shy Women

Guys have specific tastes when it comes to women. Some like dominating women whereas some like passive girls. Some men want girls who are tomboys whilst some prefer girly females. Some guys are attracted to bold and outspoken women, whilst some men like typical shy girls. There is certain amount of mystery, awkwardness and high in pursuing a girl who is shy and doesn’t reveal much about herself too soon. Guys love the chase, they like to pursue these women for various reasons.

Cute and Romantic Reasons Why Men Love to Date Shy Women

There are several reasons why guys like shy girls

  1. Shyness brings more mystery

Shy girls are like mysterious puzzles, which can make a guy go crazy. They love to solve this riddle and find the answers to all their questions. A shy girl doesn’t kiss and tell. She reveals one thing at a time, and the way can make a guy go weak in his knees. The guy can keep pursuing her until she confesses her true love to him. [ Read: Motivational Tips for Introverts and #Shy People


  1. Shy girls can be very interesting as they open up

Just like a book which has a completely different story than expected, a shy girl can be really interesting as she opens up. They are the girls which get more interesting and better with time. They are like wine, they get better with time and this can make the man go really mad for her.

  1. Being shy shows that she is sensitive

A girl, who is sensitive and understanding, is a perfect wife material for any guy. That’s why they tend to like sensitive and #shy girls, who would make their home a happy place. [ Read: 15 Ways To Make Him or Her Go Crazy Over You ]

  1. She doesn’t come across as dominating and outspoken

Men avoid dominating and outspoken women for various reasons. A girl who is shyer, feminine and lady like are much better options for them. They tend to feel more manly and in charge of the relationship with shy girls. They can get a huge high out of that.

  1. They love the chase

Shy girls are more difficult to confront, approach and they might take the longest time to say “yes”. The guys love the chase, when it comes to #shy women. The longer, the chase, the crazier they get about that woman. Guys don’t find the girls who aren’t much of a chase, to be very interesting either. [ Read: Cute Ways To Say Goodnight To Your Crush ]

  1. They can get protective about her

Sometimes women who are all about themselves and who can take care of themselves really well can intimidate the guys easily. They cannot show off their protective and caring side even if they want to. With #shy girls, they get to be protective and caring. It comes naturally to them and they really enjoy that.

  1. They love to decode the body language

Shy girls obviously, won’t be speaking much and they converse more via their eyes and body language. This can be extremely intriguing for a guy. They love to decode the eyes and body language of the girl they like.  It becomes an addiction for them. They can keep talking about how she saw him, how she walked or how she shied off to his friends the entire day. [ Read: Meaning of Different Types of Kisses ]

  1. Lesser shy girls around

Also, what makes shy girls really desirable is the fact that there aren’t much of them left around. In this era of social networking, there are hardly any women who really feel #shy stating what they feel, confronting and even making the first move to men. Thus rarity brings more specialties.

  1. They are to be romanced

Shy girls might not make best of friends, but they are to be romanced. They can make a guy feel intoxicated just with their eyes and actions. Aggressive and outspoken girls on the other hand, make for better friends, but #shy girls are to be pursued and romanced. [ Read: 8 Best Things About Long Distance Relationship ]

  1. They like to listen

Shy girls often don’t speak much, but they like to listen what the guy is saying. This makes the guy feel special and wanted. He feels better that for a change, a girl is not just venting out or talking to him, but is also, listening to him. This makes them more rare and special.

Why do you think that guys are fond of shy girls? Share your opinions with us.