Cry Out to the Father

Cry Out to the Father

Have you ever felt the intense hurt you have inside your heart? Have you ever been so disappointed with broken promises? Have you ever felt so helpless and breathless because every time you breathe, your heart was pounding with pain. Why? Why do we ever feel this way? We do not deserve this! Wake up! We should be happy right? We should be optimistic and look at on the bright side. Let’s accept the fact that there are just things that aren’t meant to be.

Cry Out to the Father
By: Mel Joan “Jokie Jokie” B. Dizon (member of

But no matter how hard we pretend to be happy, we cannot escape the pain and cry. We cannot escape the awful reality. We might be emasculated by whatever reason that broke our hearts but we should stand firm. We should not be shaken. Let us smile even though it hurts while our tears were flowing like an unending river. Let’s savor the pain until it hurts no more. Let’s teach ourselves to be tough.

It’s okay to cry. It’s okay to be hurt. it’s okay to fake a smile. And It’s okay not to be perfect. Do you know how down the feeling of believing a fabricator? It’s like dumping yourself through hell. No matter how hard we try and no matter how hard we cry, human as we are cannot just pretend that we’re fine. The pain is just so deep that no one else could understand but God.

Let’s give our hearts a break. We need a break! We should purify our hearts. Let’s pray so that God may calm our troubled spirits. We are HIS children and God cannot stand to see and hear us cry. If you think that nobody is there for you, do not forget GOD. He’s always by our side though we cannot see HIM. He is always there to comfort us if only we know how to talk to HIM.

Have you ever heard of the song CRY OUT TO JESUS? The lyrics on the chorus part is like this “There is hope for the helpless, rest for the weary, Love for the broken heart, There is grace and forgiveness, Mercy and healing, He’ll meet you wherever you are, Cry out to Jesus, Cry out to Jesus”..

See? We are not alone during our darkest hours. We have JESUS. Let’s welcome HIM into our hearts and let us talk to HIM our pains. He will carry you because He loves you. He loves me. He loves us. JESUS is our Savior. Do not be ashamed to ask HIS help.

By: Mel Joan “Jokie Jokie” B. Dizon