6 Crucial Things You Need to Get Done with Before Getting Hooked

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6 Crucial Things You Need to Get Done with Before Getting Hooked

After knowing a person for a while, you feel the need to get intimate with them. It is a natural want that builds up gradually after you begin to like a person. It may not the most important thing in a relationship but it is something makes people anxious. The level of anxiety differs from person to person. After all, it is an important step and you must think carefully before you decide to get hooked with someone. You must be honest with each other and should not hide anything from one another. Make sure that both of you are willingly going ahead with this decision without any pressure. [ Read: 15 Best Ways to Keep a Guy Hooked in the Relationship! ]

Here are 6 crucial things you need to get done with before getting hooked:

  1. The awkwardness

When you start dating someone, there is a bit of awkwardness initially. Both of you take some time to get comfortable with each other. This is very normal in a new relationship. However, you must get over this awkwardness before you get intimate with each other. If there is still some awkward energy between the two of you, you should not think about getting intimate at this point. Spend some more time with each other, understand each other a little more. Once you are absolutely comfortable in each other’s presence, you could think about taking your relationship to the next level. [ Read: 11 Ways to Make Your Guy Feel Appreciated and Cared For ]

  1. Honesty

You should make sure that the person you are about to hook up with is being honest to you. There should be complete transparency and truthfulness in your relationship. You have to figure out whether your partner is being honest about their intentions or not. Whether it is a casual relationship or a serious one, both of you need to be honest with each other about your motives. There could be nothing worse than you lying to your partner so that you can hook up with them. Even if you have come close to someone only because you want to hook up with them, you must let them know about it. It is important to be honest about your intentions.

  1. Know them

Do you know your partner well enough? Ask this question to yourself before you hook up with them. It is important to know your partner well and be updated with all their important details. Do not even think of intimating with them before you have basic information about them. Sometimes, you feel strongly attracted to someone and without knowing them well, you want to get physically intimate with them. It is imperative that you do not take such a major step in a rush and think about it carefully. The first step in this direction is being patient and taking some time off to know and understand your partner well. [ Read: 7 Ideas for Romantic Love Texts Words for Your LOVE ]

  1. Spend time

You get to know a person by spending time with them. Even if your partner is someone you have known for some time, you must spend some more time with them as you are in a relationship with them. Turning lovers from being acquaintances is a huge step and the equations of your relationship change accordingly. You must make an effort to spend more time with them so that both of you get comfortable with each other. Getting physically intimate should be a natural progression. You should not do it all of a sudden. Even if you are comfortable with your partner ask your partner if they are ready for it or not. You should let your relationship build up to a certain point where you both are okay with the idea of hooking up.

  1. The right person

When you decide to hook up with someone, make sure s/ he is the right person. You could be in a wonderful relationship but still not feel comfortable with the idea of hooking up with them. Being in a relationship with a person should not act as a compulsion to hook up with them. You can choose to be in a relationship with someone without getting intimate with them. Even if it is your partner who comes up with the idea, you have the right to say no. Your partner must respect your decision. You must share your concerns with them. Don’t do this because of any pressure. [ Read: 15 Ways To Make Him or Her Go Crazy Over You ]

  1. No regrets

Before you hook up with someone, you must figure out whether doing this would leave a sense of regret in you. A lot of people, after hooking up, realize they should not have done this or they hooked up with the wrong person. There could be several reasons why you could regret taking this step. You must weigh all the pros and cons and figure out whether you really want to do it. You must be ready to bear the consequences if things go wrong or something makes you feel terrible about doing this.

Getting intimate could be a necessity for your partner but you always have option to say no. If you are comfortable with hooking up with them, think about it carefully and if you are sure about it, go ahead. You must not be in a rush while arriving at a decision and should not get in to it without any thought. You must tick a few things and make sure that you are done with them before you hook up with someone.