Couples: When Height Makes a Difference.


Couples: When Height Makes a Difference.

There are many couples who have huge height difference between them. Do you feel awkward because of your short height? Is your partner much taller than you? Yes, its true even the difference in the height of two people can make the difference in their life. This difference can be the biggest issue between them due to many reasons. Couples encounter many situations in life where their different height measures create problems while they make love to each other.

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Couples When Height Makes a Difference

Twelve Sizzling Tips for Couples who have a huge height difference.

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Go for Bathroom Sex:
When one partner is taller and the other is shorter, the couple should go for bathroom sex. To be more specific they should make love to each other in the bathtub while trying different sex positions.

Always try different Options:
You should keep experimenting with the ways you usually opt when you make love to your partner. This is because the ways may vary from person to person. You should always keep changing the positions of sex and try to find out which suits you the best for the purpose.

Try Sex Tools:
The couples who want to enjoy making love to each other should invest in some sex tools. Such couples where height is making the difference should invest in wedge pillow to enjoy a good sex with their partner.

Try Sitting Sex:
If nothing works well with you, you can just try sitting sex with your partner who is shorter than you. Make use of every corner in your house while you have sex with your partner.

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Enjoy your Bedroom Romance:
Couples will encounter many humorous situations while making love to one another. You should enjoy your bedroom romance with your partner. This is because couples may face certain mishaps in trying new positions of sex with one another which may arouse humor out of it.

Don’t Hesitate:
Communication helps you in every situation be it in making the relationship strong or making the bedroom romance stronger. One should never hesitate in talking to their partners about the ways in which they are most comfortable in making love to each other. Communication in such matters are equally important.

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Sex Toys:
Sex toys are great help for the couples with huge height difference. They can always try these sex toys which are easily available in the market.

This is the hardest thing to do when one is taller and the other partner is shorter. In order to attain it both the partners need to make certain adjustments in order to gain pleasure out of it.

Sitting Cowgirl Posture:
There are many sex positions which couples try to make love to one another. But this sex posture is the most useful and easy to adopt for the such unique couples. This posture drive partners with intense pleasure while making love to another.

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Side 69:
Another posture which might be helpful for the couples with such unique difference.

Stand Against the Walls:
The walls of your room can provide you great help in making the love to your partner who is shorter than you. Walls provide your partner an extra support.

The purpose behind making love to each other is that both the partners can drive equal pleasure out of it. So, this purpose can easily be achieved by satisfying their carnal desires through other mediums.

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Thus, the following tips can help the couples with huge height difference in making love to one another.