Core of all Relationships is Spiritual

Core of all Relationships is Spiritual    

Not many people understand that the core of all relationships is spiritual. People say it all the time: “I love how this person makes me feel” or “this person makes me feel a certain way”. What they are not closely looking at is why.

core of all relationships is spiritual
– By: Debbie Palmer Mack (member of

We are all basically balls of energy running around in skin and bones. Inside of your body is your own unique energy. It’s somewhat like a signature, no two are alike. When it comes to meeting people and getting to know them, you may sense an attraction or repulsion. That is basically your energy indicating whether you are a match or not. [ Read: Love Make us Laugh, Love Make us Cry ]

What a lot of people tend to do is feel good about a person and jump right into a situation with them. Your energy has different layers and sometimes it’s not always evident until you start to go deeper. You start sharing your energy so quickly; you get enmeshed and then may find out that this person has energetic issues. You begin to realize that as you go deeper to their energetic core you do not match. There may be holes deep inside of a person that you really can’t see on the surface. But now you’ve stirred up a lot of debris and this is where most relationships/situations begin to fall apart.  [ Read: 7 Ways to Express Yourself and Keep a Healthy Relationship ]

If you were to look back on all your failed relationships you will probably see a trend. You will probably realize that you wasted time in these endeavours once you come to the understanding of how spiritual the connections were. You may have been blown away by someone’s sexual prowess, but did you still find yourself bored with them? Were they able to mentally stimulate you, but emotionally you were on two different planets? Did you even really want to be with that person after you saw the dichotomies? Probably not. It really becomes clear, that even if you can connect with a person, emotionally, mentally and physically, if your individual spirits are not a puzzle piece that truly fits, and the relationship will suffer. All four really need to be in sync for two people to get together and build something real and meaningful. The most important task a person can take on in this life is clearly identifying their energy. Do you know who you are, truly? Do you see anything in your life that needs to updated, and are there any holes or black spots? When you can clearly identify who you are and have done the deep inner work, you can identify what you want in a relationship. When you are clear with that then you can seek out people who match your energy.   [ Read: Little Things in Life ]

Many of us don’t take the time to really get to know a person. We get caught up in the attention, flowers, and the wine and dine. All these are external. We don’t take time to really feel people out. We at times chose to ignore whether or not the person the person is an energetic match. We jump into bed with people, exchange our energy not really thinking how it will affect us or the other person. We take things so casually, without a real purpose or at times we throw ourselves out there and then try to make things fit. [ Read: The little things – So BIG in #Relationships ]

Becoming increasingly aware has really helped me clarify what is important to me in a relationship. I learned not to have a casual attitude toward the spiritual nature of relationship. I am very aware of the power of energy and the effect it can have on people. It’s not something I have ever played with. When you’ve worked very hard to fill your holes, heal your dark spots and shine brightly, the last thing you want to do is share your energy with just anybody. I have learned not to “jack up my soul”. I pay close attention to other people’s energy. I have ended relationships without a second thought because I can see where the other person’s holes are. You cannot fill another person’s dark spots. Staying around these kinds of people will drain you of your energy. You want to vibrate and resonate with someone on a similar spiritual field. Once you have seen the pitfalls you know you won’t have to make that mistake again.  [ Read: 15 Ways to Save a Long Distance Relationship ]

When you have work to do, you realize you don’t have time to waste. Save your beautiful energy for someone who truly resonates with you!