Compliments Women Loves To Hear Based On Their Age


Compliments Women Loves To Hear Based On Their Age

Women are really complicated and the level of complicity increases its pace with their age. The phrases or quotes which once made them feel like a queen can later sound simply boring to them. This is because with #age and with grace, we women kind of start viewing things more intellectually, our thinking, our mentality changes as we grow up or attain maturity. Up to a certain #age, certain things are acceptable, but beyond that, things actually change. How?? Well, wait for the points below!

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Compliments Women Loves To Hear Based On Their Age

14-17, the teenage diary

Girls within this age group love to hear everything related to their looks and height and dress. Like-

“Hey Nancy, you look amazing and gorgeous. I love your little pink dress” Girs during this age is really fascinated with PINK. They love everything (Almost everything) in pink or in shades of pink. They prefer light contrasting colors, but mind you not dull o something like occur yellow. Some other handy phrases or words to make them happy would be-

  • Stunner
  • Sweet
  • Pretty
  • Mesmerizing
  • Gracious etc and all those high school flowery languages. Basically, you just have to speak about how cool and beautiful she looks.

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18-22, the adult club entry

Pretty interesting stage. One learns a lot about themselves during this phase. They get the cool breeze of falling in love, first college crush, first heavy break up and everything happens for the first time in their life. So, to make them fall or impress them with your words, you have to rattle your mind and think about it a bit. Something like-

“You know, the best thing about you is your eyes. They reveal a lot about your emotions, especially those hidden one’s” OR ” I prefer reading over going for a night club but, if you are my partner, I don’t mind changing my choice. I prefer night club as I would be able to keep you away from those cheeky guys in there.”

Basically, during this #age, one enters the world of professionalism and they get to know the reality. So you can talk a lot about their hidden talents, something they are good at. Talk about the things they want to hear, talk about the things they prefer to be discussed. But make sure to do a concrete research on it before speaking.

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22-25, high time

They are already worried about their future and job, placement tension, after college tension, preparation for their masters and everything related to career. This phase is actually both tough and complicated, and thus they have no intention to waste their precious time on anything silly. Impressing or complimenting them is a pretty difficult job. You have to keep in mind that, saying something about their looks or weight, won’t actually move them.

You can talk about their profession, their future career plannings and suggest something to motivate their plannings. Never say anything to demoralize them, always keep a positive attitude.

26-30, not an easy one

Believe me, you have to use your brain and sense of humor to impress a lady of this age. They have already established themselves as someone they wanted to be, so, taking out time from their daily schedule to meet YOU, you have to earn it. Talk less but talk sense, choose your words wisely. Something like talking about a recent book that you’ve read, or talking about her latest achievement and how she motivates you in your life.

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Compliments Women Loves To Hear Based On Their Age

So, this was about women and what compliments they love to hear based on their #age. But, if you really like someone, inspite of their age, whether they are 19 or 20 or 30, a woman loves to hear the truth but in a simpler way. They are not complicated to the one they love, they are complicated only to those whom they don’t know personally.