How Is My Life Without You – Simple or Complicated


How Is My Life Without You – Simple or Complicated

Life is like a dictionary. It has the answer and meaning to every word you need. Be it simple or complicated or something different. But at times, we don’t get the meaning of various words no matter how hard we search for it. We try to find out answers to so many questions like – Why, How, When, Whose fault was it and what not. Our life becomes a question paper. Only questions and multiple answers, but no definite answer. So, how is exactly my life without you? Is it simple or complicated! We will see both the sides step by step.

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How Is My Life Without You - Simple or Complicated

Simple And Why

Simple cause, there is no more extra care and attention. Life after a breakup moves in a single track. Wake up, work out, study, do other works and relax. No tension of calling him/her and wishing good morning. Or even, no need of informing that one person everytime you go out. After a breakup one of the most positive outcome is saving money. I mean, there is no need of remembering special dates, birthday, or even anything special. You can just enjoy your everyday normally without any hindrance or fights. Life becomes so easy, focussing more on our own health and skin, it is really simple after a breakup.

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#Complicated And Why

With breakup comes so many other outcomes including the question and answer round. Starting from friends to neighbours, everybody lands up and starts giving their lecture. They even bring some NRI proposals in the hope of doing good for us. And in this chaos, the person who had actually faced the heartbreak, they feel puzzled. They feel like staying inside the home just to avoid those questions and proposals. Deleting conversations, pictures, everything is done but still, the memories are there. They don’t leave the mind and heart. Whenever they try to overcome, something happens which reminds of those old days. And that is where the chord strikes all over again and major missing happens.

Life loses that balance after a breakup. Concentration seems to flicker around one thing and that is those old memories. And if the memories are spread throughout, life becomes a mess. Driving via car and bumping into a place which strikes that old chord is painful. Trying to hide the tears and showing the power, is painful. Deep inside the heart, it bleeds badly and wants that hug from the partner.

How Is My Life Without You - Simple or Complicated

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Especially During The Night

And as the sun sets and moon shines up, the eyes starts looking for those days.We try to look for answers, imagine what you might be doing and much more. After closing the eyes, dreams of old times starts flashing by. And also, feeling the touch of you is so common. Life is strange, it has so many shades, so many options. Faith, believe, hope, and compromise is the pillars of a successful relationship. When out of these anyone starts to disrupt, the entire foundations shakes. Love is simple, and relationships are beautiful. But, people are complicated. They just want and want, they don’t know how to give.