Common Problems Faced by Couples Who Live Together

Common Problems Faced by Couples Who Live Together

Common Problems Faced by Couples Who Live Together

Living together does involve a lot of understanding and fights. But, if you love the person, then let me assure you that it is all worth it. You might fight over the pettiest of issues. One person out of the two might be a little bit of a control freak and you might be a little outgoing. You need to give each other thought and timing to make the relationship work in spite of all the issues. Living together with your partner comes with some perks but it also has some downsides which just can’t be avoided. [ Read: Living Together Happily – 10 Cohabitation Tips For Couples ]

Stressing over things might be the daily job if you think the problem is very big. Just try to view the situation from your partner’s perspective and things may work out very soon. This is the positive side of the relationship which every couple should adopt to make their relationship function healthily.

Just remember that you are not the only couple in the whole wide world who are facing these problems. There are millions of others too who are facing the similar problems. Not being alone will enhance your ability to think of the problem and find a solution for it. You may be the best couple among the lot to undergo the problems in a good way without stressing over them. Problems will come and will go but you need to hold on to your relationship if you want to make it go a long way. [ Read: Read Reasons – Dine Together, Shine Together ]

The only solution is to realise that now you are not alone. You are now sharing your life with somebody else. This decision should come from within. Otherwise, it won’t be good for any of you. Here is a list of 5 issues that every couple faces.

  1. Monogamy should be respected!

One very prominent problem which is faced by couples is to get bored or tired of living with just one person. There is no doubt that the couples who don’t live together pertain to monogamy. They also follow the rule, but when you live with your partner, the freedom is lost altogether. Cheating may sound like the easiest thing to do to demand your freedom. But, don’t fall into that trap because you know that one loveable partner is more than enough for you. Try to experiment with different things with your partner. Don’t make your relationship go into that dull phase from which it is impossible to get out. Make your relationship exciting at every stage and enjoy it to the fullest. [ Read: Should You Take Your Husbands Last Name ]

  1. Meddling should be accepted!

When you live with somebody, you tend to discuss your life with the one. Even if they suggest something to you at the time when a big decision is waiting for you, don’t perceive it as a way that they are poking their nose. Rather, assume it as a suggestion or think that you have given them a privilege to have a say in your decisions. Meddling is not one of the best things but it has the assurance of you not facing any issues alone. Meddling might seem interesting to you when you feel all alone and you want somebody to listen to your problems and find a solution for it.

  1. The ‘only me’ time!

This is one of the biggest problems faced by couples all over the world. When couples live together, even if they want some of the alone time for themselves, they can’t have it in a go, as there is always somebody taking up their space. For this purpose, a lot of understanding is required by the partners. Don’t let your partner come between you and your alone time. This is a must thing to make your brain relaxed in a good way. Be open about it with your partner. If your partner respects your alone time, then be thankful for it. A lot of couples face this problem when their counterparts are not in favor of giving them their share of alone time. It is very important to keep your mind intact and working. [ Read: 5 Most Important Signs of Relationship Compatibility ]

  1. A bit (or a lot) of chaos is fine!

If you think that you’re with the right one, then a bit of chaos is also fine. It is obvious that you two will disagree on some issues and agree on a few others. When you live alone, you just live alone. There are no two ways to that. You can do whatever you want with your place or your surroundings. You don’t need to bother about anybody’s opinion.

  1. Random fights!

Couples who live together face a lot of random fights which are for no good reason. There are times when you may forget that you are a couple and you don’t function as individuals. They take decisions mutually and they enjoy in doing so. Random fights are bound to happen as two individuals share their lives with each other. It is for one’s own good too. Nobody can function as an individual for a long time. One always needs a counterpart to understand and love them. So, even if fights happen, don’t make it such a big issue. Take it lightly and let go off them as soon as possible. Don’t stick to them for a long time. Look at your priority, which is you relationship and not some random fight. [ Read: Inconvenient Yet True Facts about Love and Relationship ]

It’s okay to get annoyed but you need to be patient with the fact that you are living with your loved one.