10 Common Insecurities of Guys That Women Don’t Realize

10 Common Insecurities of Guys That Women Don’t Realize

A relationship brings its own set of insecurities with it. There are some common insecurities exhibited by both men and women in a relationship. Guys tend to be more insecure than women in a relationship. While certain insecurities that men go through are well understood by women, there are some insecurity-based issues that they do not realize. Guys feel insecure about a lot of things that girls think they do. The irony is that these unassuming insecurities are very prevalent among men and if women start noticing these issues they will be able to help them deal with their insecurities.

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10 Common Insecurities of Guys That Women Don’t Realize

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Here are 10 common insecurities of guys that women don’t realize:

  1. Financial standing

As much as we hate to admit it, the fact remains that finance remains to be one of the governing factors in our lives. Money is not only required for a good lifestyle, it also serves as an entity that lends prestige to our name. Well, not everybody things along similar lines, but there are a lot of people for whom money is a very important factor. Men get insecure when they feel they are not earning well enough. Even if they pocket a good amount, they feel a bit insecure when their partner earns more than them.

  1. Looks

Most people are concerned about the way they look. They spend a huge portion of their money on grooming themselves. From getting a trendy hairstyle to buying all the cosmetic items that could enhance one’s looks, they leave no stone upturned to make sure they look good at all times. While looks become an obsession with some, the rest, even though not overly concerned about it, do get insecure if they do not look good enough. If the girl is very pretty and the guy is not, he tends to get insecure about it.

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  1. House

Home is where the heart is. Our abode or the place where we reside is associated with peace, warmth and happiness. No matter how small your home is, it provides you with shelter and should be regarded as a sacred space. Unfortunately, in today’s times, when there is a disposition to flaunt your wealth, the bigger your house is , the more respect you get from people. Your house is your biggest asset and it reflects how wealthy you are.

  1. Commitment

Some men are commitment phobic; they love their girlfriends but are afraid of making a commitment as they are not sure about the future of the relationship. They try to run away from making commitments because of various reasons; they could be uncertain about their finances, career etc.

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  1. Lifestyle

There might me some differences in the way both of you lead your lives. But, insecurities creep in when there is a sharp contrast between the standards of life of you and your partner.  Your partner might want both of you to go abroad for a weekend but you cannot afford it. Even if she understands your situation, it causes you embarrassment.

  1. Clothes

If you have planned a date and your girlfriend turns out in something that is far superior to what you are wearing, then you immediately regret wearing what you have turned up in and feel uncomfortable during the entire date. You do not want to compete with her but so not want to give her the impression that you cannot afford better clothes.

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  1. Car

When you move around in an expensive car, everybody around you gets the impression that you are doing well in life. You do feel the pressure to buy a car and are not happy with having to move around in a two-wheeler. You want to give your girlfriend the privilege of driving around in a car. You would like to take her out on long drives and are unhappy about the fact that you are not able to do it at the moment.

  1. Height

Men get very insecure when their height does not match up to their partner. The fact that they are shorter than their partner brigs them much ridicule and makes them feel inferior. Height is something which we have no control over and it would not be wise to to let go of a girl you like just because she is taller than you.

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  1. Intimacy

A lot of people are not as comfortable with getting intimate as their partners. They love their partners but have their own reservations. If you are someone who is not comfortable with the idea of getting intimate, then it could stop you getting close to your partner and that, in turn, will make you feel insecure.

  1. Career

Your partner often discusses her career prospects with you while you remain mum. You try to avoid this discussion and do not talk about anything related to your career. Your career is not going great guns and you do not want to embarrass yourself by discussing it. Even if things are not going great on the professional front, you should let your partner know about it and be open to any kind of advice they offer you. Taking some good career advice would be beneficial for you and could help you put things in perspective.

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When you contemplate getting into a relationship, do not paint a rosy picture in your mind. A relationship brings along several beautiful things but it also includes hardships which you have to deal with. If you are in a relationship you must be prepared to deal with insecurities. Furthermore, you must know when he is troubled because of something.