Commitment Maniac: Signs To Tell For Sure


Commitment Maniac: Signs To Tell For Sure

Having no clue if He is a Commitment Maniac? Hunting ways to know if your Partner is a Commitment Phobic? Often it seen that when one gets indulged into a relationship with someone, She undergoes a fear about the fact that whether her Partner would be a commitment maniac or not. Those men who witness continuous disappointments and betrayals usually fear to go down a committed relationship. They avoid commitment in their relationship.

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Commitment Maniac Signs To Tell For Sure

To bring you out from this confusion, has brought to you 20 Signs To Tell For Sure He is a Commitment MANIAC.

No Long Term Relationship:
He definitely fears commitment in a relationship, if he in the past too never had any long term relationship.

He Talks Everything But Future:
If he talks everything but Future to you. He is nothing but a commitment phobic. When he avoids discussing future plans it shows that he is not willing to have a long term relationship with you.

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Status of your Relationship:
Just to clear the doubts about your relationship status with him, you start a conversation and he tries his best to avoid it. It is a sure sign he is sacred of commitment.

No Personal Touch:
When your conversations with Him lack the personal touch, it is a clear sign he is not serious about the relationship. The hard you try to know more about his personal life and family he always manages to avoid such discussions.
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Hiding Things:
He is a Commitment maniac if he does not share things with you. This to highlights there is no trust and faith between you both.

No Details Please:
When one gets involved into a relationship both the partners try their level best to gain maximum information about each other. But if your partner is of the opinion of No Details Please. Then he has something else in his mind.

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Plan Spoiler:
His fear of commitment makes him a plan spoiler. As he himself is not sure about the future of his relationship with you. So, he cannot fix anything for future.

It’s Always a NO:
Whenever you try to figure out the relationship status that you share with him. He always ignores or skip the question. This is nothing but his fear of commitment.

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Problem in Sharing the Personal Space:
He is a commitment maniac if he finds it hard to share is personal space with you. Any kind of disturbance in his personal space makes him annoyed.

Making Stories:
If he never gives you a direct answer of your questions. He is doing nothing but trying to fool you. He believe to confuse you with his story making art.

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Always an ‘I’ for Him:
After being in a relationship, if he still thinks of Himself only. He is in no mood to take the relationship seriously. It’s always ‘I’ for him.

No Personal Talking:
He is a commitment Maniac if he neither allows you nor he himself try to know anything from your personal sphere. Never ask anything about your personal life.

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No Outing:
His fear of commitment in a relationship would stop him from making any outing or meeting with your friends and family together.

Spending Time Together:
If he finds it hard to spend maximum time with. It simply means he is avoiding you and trying to safe himself from all the drama.

He Takes no consent:
If He Takes no consent of yours while reaching a certain decision on any of the matters. He is highlighting a sign that he is just not ready to give any commitment to you.

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No Public Appearance with you:
If he avoids making any public appearance with you and hesitate to introduce you to other people around him He is just taking you as a time pass and fears commitment.

Lacks Trust in you:
There is no trust in your relationship due to which he finds it hard to give any find of commitment to you.

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Hardly calls you:
If he takes no pain for updating you about his whereabouts in the entire day. He is definitely a commitment maniac.

No Jealousy:
Love and Jealousy go hand in hand. And if there is no jealousy in your relationship something is lacking in it. If your partner does not get jealous when he sees you with someone else. He is not ready to give you any commitment in your relationship.

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Strange Behavior:
If his strange behavior makes you question his intentions. He is not giving his best to your relationship

Thus, following are the 20 top Signs that will help you know he fears commitment and is a Commitment Maniac.