Commitment Mania :Reasons YOU Fear to Commit


Commitment Mania :Reasons YOU Fear to Commit

Commitment Mania: Reasons You Fear to Commit. Do you have a Commitment Phobia? Are you just not ready to be in a committed Relationship? Commitment issues in relationships are nothing new. There are two different type of people one those who just can’t wait to be together and other who fear to go in a committed relationship. Have you ever wondered Why some of you have a Commitment Mania and the reasons behind this unusual fears of yours?

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Commitment Mania Reasons YOU Fear to Commit

You must be going through this phobia of commitment in a relationship unknowingly. You must be one of those who may be undergoing a fear of not giving any commitment to your partner in a relationship. Today we bring to you 15 Reasons that stops many people for giving any commitment in their relationship to their partners.

No Serious Relationship:
One of the several reasons that one undergoes a commitment mania is that they might have not fallen seriously for anyone up till now in all the relationships so far.

Faced Disappointment:
Another reason for the people having commitment issues in their relationship is Disappointment. A person might be feeling sacred because she/he might have got hurt pretty badly in their previous relationship and that must be stopping them from giving such commitments to anyone.

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Something is not Good:
The feeling that something is not good in the relationship stops you from making such commitments. This feeling comes when you feel that your partner have some flaws which you seriously can’t ignore.

Being Tagged:
You definitely have a commitment mania if you do not like the idea of Girlfriend/Boyfriend Tagging by anyone. You just can’t resist when someone label you specifically as His Girlfriend or Her Boyfriend.

No Reason:
When you break up with your partner just for no reason as such, you seriously fear the idea of going into a committed relationship.

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Future Planning:
You may be one of those who just don’t like the idea of discussing future. You just avoid future planning. For you present is the only thing which you have. You find it hard to go into a committed relationship with anyone because you yourself is not sure what you really want in life.

Meeting Family:
If the idea of meeting the family of your partner irritates you. Moreover you try your level best to avoid the meeting. You are going through commitment mania.

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Dislike Change:
Though change is the law of nature. But you don’t like things that undergo change. People with commitment issues don’t like change in anything that is in a way related to them. They want that things and situations should remain as it is.

You are not giving your hundred percent:
You have a commitment mania if you are not giving your hundred percent in relationship. When you hesitate from talking personal to your partner, you definitely fear the idea of commitment.

Short Term Relationship:
You avoid giving any commitment to your partner when you know its not a long term relationship. You are not seeing your future with him/her.

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No Public Appearance:
The commitment phobia stops you from making any public appearance with him/her. When you know you can’t give any commitment to your partner so you simply avoid public meetings with him/her.

Your Space:
You know you have commitment issues when you find it difficult to let your partner share your own space. If you just can’t stand the idea sharing your personal space with them. It is obvious you are going through nothing but commitment mania.

Other Motives:
Many people need to understand that being in relationship does not mean that you are free to treat your partner as a sex object. You need to nurture your relationship with love and security. Security simply comes from commitment.

If you don’t say it Loud:
If you hesitate in saying it loud in public that you are in relationship with this girl/boy. You are surely not ready to give any commitment to your partner.

Nothing is Fixed:
You are surely going through commitment mania if you are unable to decide weather the person is the only one they were waiting to spend their entire life together.

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Thus, you simply need to overcome these useless fears in life. You need to believe that commitment makes the relationship more beautiful and worth having.