College and Mid 20’s Relationships – The Big Differences

College and Mid 20's Relationships - The Big Differences

College and Mid-20s Relationships: The Big Differences

Being in a relationship is one of those things we expect when we get into college. Campus romance is something every youngster wants to experience and studying in a college provides you with many opportunities find someone to date. Though most of the youngsters are not mature enough to sustain their relationship for a long time, there is a certain innocence that one associates with campus romance. You have not entered in to the big, bad world. Your parents pay for all your expenses while you happily take your partner out on dates. You are not answerable to anyone and you do not have any responsibilities to shoulder. You can be crazy, obnoxious and whimsical. [ Read: 10 Ways to Make Friends in a New City Post-College ]

Things change a bit when you finish your studies and face the world on your own. You are left to feed for yourself and there are several things that demand your attention. You are forced to snap out of your dream world and take off your rose tinted glasses. You still love your partner but you do not have as much times for them as you used to have.

Here are the big differences between college and mid 20s relationships:

  1. Opportunities

In college, you are surrounded by people your age and thus, it is easier to find people to date. Even if you approach a person and they refuse to go out with you, you can move on to another person. When you start working, you come across people from different walks of life and you meet very few people whom you would be interested in dating. The opportunities are far and few in between. [ Read: 30 Sweet and Cute Things to Say to Your Boyfriend ]

  1. Career

Parents send you to college to study. Yes, studies are important but there are several other things that take precedence in college. Everybody looks out for some fun in college. You do think about career but it is not the only thing in your mind. You just study according to your syllabus and chill out with your partner. When you start working you realize things are not that easy. To sustain and grow yourself in a field, you will not only have to work hard but play smart as well. Work is bound to take up a lot of your time.

  1. Finances

You never really bothered about money while in college. Your parents took care of that. Some take up part time jobs when they realize that their pocket money is not enough for them to take their date out for dinner. You do not have too many responsibilities. So, money is never really an issue. After you start working, you are expected to take care of yourself and should not ask for money from your parents anymore. You are financially independent but at the same time you have to raise money to sustain yourself. You must work hard to build a good career that provides you with a good livelihood. [ Read: 15 Crush Quotes and Sayings ]

  1. Hanging out

The more the merrier, as they say. You like to go on date with your partner but sometimes, the idea of just the two of you going out does not seem very appealing. In that case, you call up your buddies and ask them to join you. Your friends arrive with their partners and it turns out to be a big, fat party. You do not have that luxury in your mid 20s. All your friends now live in different cities and are busy with their careers. You just have the company of your partner. Sometimes, it gets very boring but you have no choice. You do make some friends in office but the kind of camaraderie that you share with your college buddies is something that you do not share with anybody else.

  1. Attitude

When you are in college you may or may not be very serious about the relationships you get in. A lot of people get in to relationships just to try how it feels to be in one. Most of them are not aware of the dynamics of a relationship and quickly come out and get in another relationship. By the time you reach your mid 20s, you become mature and are more skillful at handling relationships. Now, you are serious about them as you want to settle down in life. You think carefully before getting into a relationship and try your best to nurture that relationship so that it lasts for a long time. [ Read: Cute Short Romantic Love Story Every Couple Must Read ]

When you are in college, you see the world with rose tinted glasses and fantasize about how you want your life to shape up. As you start working, you realize that life is tough and demanding. Sometimes, you have to keep certain things on the back burner to concentrate on others. The meaning of love and relationship changes as you grow older and that is how things work. Time will teach you everything and you need to treat your relationships accordingly.