Clear Signs of 10 Creepy Guys to Completely Avoid

Clear Signs of 10 Creepy Guys to Completely Avoid

Appearances can be very deceptive so don’t get fooled by those gorgeous looks or that dimpled smile because behind that handsome face will be an eerie character which may scar you. Although, the word creepy is subjective, we all have had some awkward incidents with men around us – be it an obnoxious text message or a face-to-face interaction. So how do you identify this creepy characteristic?

Clear Signs of 10 Creepy Guys to Completely Avoid

Read on to get a heads up to some creepy men you definitely have to avoid!

  1. “Let’s talk, Baby!”

It starts with the eagle-eyed stare where he checks out each girl from head to toe like she’s his prey. When he chooses you, he’ll walks towards you shamelessly checking out your curves and initiates a conversation on a bad connotation! It may go further as he gets too touchy and feely. This guy may think that talking dirty and getting comfy is going to win him some points, but little does he realize that these inappropriate things are his ticket to Timbuktu! [ Consider reading: The 7 Common Mistakes Women Make To Push Men Away


  1. “My credit cards can buy anything, even you!”

There is always a rich kid on the block walking around like he owns the town! As he zooms past in his convertible, he thinks he can just pick you up like he picked up a pair of shoes the day before. What a comfy and lavish life he leads! But gals always remember a woman’s self-respect is her biggest asset!

  1. “I’m such a gift to womankind!”

This guy has ‘I’m sexy and I know it’ written all over him – his smile, his walk, his talk! He will have an aura which screams that he is the best thing that has happened not only to you, but also your girlfriends. That arrogance is a real deal breaker. [ Read here: A BIG Sign He’ll Commit To You In The Future ]

  1. “I can be your support system!”

You’ll come across that one guy who is constantly by your side making you beg for space! He’ll be enthusiastically jumping around with the impression that he needs to be with you at all times, be it buying a new dress or planning your cousin’s wedding. These guys completely fail to understand that you have a best friend and a mother; he doesn’t need to play that role for you! [ Also read: The Only 7 Tests Of True Love For Him And Her ]

  1. “So what if I’m as old as your dad?”

Older guys showing a sign of interest in you is most definitely the creepiest of all! Surely many women find these men attractive, smart and charming because they have a mature air surrounding them. However, the image of an old man walking around like a dude, dressed in young-boy clothes, sporting a want-to-be cute smile and having romantic interests will push any woman away! So, avoid going down this path since having a man twice your age hitting on you is quite obnoxious.

  1. “I love everything about you, even the way you sneeze!”

Yes, you will enjoy the attention at first, but when this attention turns into worship it can get annoying. This guy will do everything for you- carry your shopping bags, drive you from one place to another, hold your heels on a dancing night and deal with all your tantrums; all without a single complaint! Enjoy it while it lasts because no man will put up with so many whims and fancies without retaliation or expectation.

  1. “I’m not stalking, I’m just protective.”

You are taking a walk around the neighborhood, you see him walking behind you; you are meeting a friend at a coffee shop, you see him seated two tables away; you are enjoying a day at the amusement park, you spot him waiting with you in the line leading to a roller-coaster ride – he is literally everywhere! Stalkers are the scariest of them all. Although they like to think they are being protective about you, in reality they are stalking you. This guy is someone you avoid even in your nightmares!

  1. “So what if we know each other for two hours, we can be best friends!”

You’re introduced to this guy at a friend’s party and soon you are juggling unexpected personal questions about your relationship history, you’re parents, you’re home and finally it reaches a point when you cannot control yourself and tell him to back off! Good going girl, because this guy thinks he knows everything about you from the minute he set eyes on you.

  1. “I’m a smooth talker…”

Haven’t you heard enough pick up lines already? Or should we say, hasn’t this guy used these silly pick up lines a zillion times already! Walking like he’s David Beckham, you’ll see this guy doing the model walk and giving an annoying smirk before he opens his mouth to utter the cheesiest pickup line he has memorized! He may think he’s a smooth talker, you may think so as well. But wait for about two minutes and you’ll realize that your conversation with this so-called smooth talker is not going to last beyond four pick-up lines. So get entertained with his drill and once the show is over, move on.

  1. “Let’s click a selfie!”

The new trend is clicking a selfie and then an instant upload on Instagram, Facebook and Twitter. Even before you know which the guy’s last name, you are on his social media suggesting that you’ll have been together forever! Avoid clicking pictures with people you’ve just met because, before you know it, rumors will flood on social media. [ Consider reading: Girls Here Are 10 Big Perks Of Having A Guy As Your Best Friend ]

All these guys are those who don’t get the hint; they overlook the fact that you don’t wish to reciprocate to their feelings. So keep your boundaries intact; don’t hesitate to put your point across, even if that means you have to play bad cop.