Clear Signs A Man Is Serious About You


Clear Signs A Man Is Serious About You

So you had your first date, second date and so on? There’s no space for any new butterflies in your stomach? Stuck at wondering if you’re both on the same page about how serious you feel about a future together? But he is not telling it out loud? Not sure if he is serious about you? It can be difficult to gauge how the other person feels. I’ll briefly mention few clear signs you can look out for, to figure out if your man is serious about you and the relationship.

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Something that sounds simple but means a lot is him making the effort to see you. If he chooses to take some time off his day, to see you, to spend with you, then he is serious about you and the relationship. He will not only spend time with you but will also make you feel considered in that time. He will invest time for you and would be interested in helping you fulfill your goals. He will think about how things will impact you and will keep making efforts to help you feel like you’re part of his life. He will bring you along to his regular activities and will show liking to join in yours. He will stop trying to impress you by being someone he is not. He will show you who he really is and he really feels. He will not pretend to be anything that he is not. A sure shot sign that a man is serious about you is him introducing you to his friends and family and would be genuinely interested to meet yours.

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He will feel comfortable making plans with you, doesn’t matter if it’s a small short term plan or long term goal. He wouldn’t make any without knowing your opinion first. Why would he bother making an effort to plan things with you, however small or big they are, unless he is serious about you? If he really wants a relationship with you, he will apologize whenever necessary. You won’t be able to find a hint of ego or jealousy. Because he knows that those two things could cost him his relationship with you. Guys who seriously want to date you will do so in person. And you will hear from him “I miss you” before he says “I love you”. Would you like to read more tips on how to know if a man is serious about you? Let me know in comments below.