Tune Into Some Christmas Love Songs For Your Special Someone


Tune Into Some Christmas Love Songs For Your Special Someone

We all love WINTER’S! The season of warm hugs, hot chocolate and the most awaited Christmas! But what a Christmas without some really adorable love songs?? Winter feels so empty, just like a glass of milk without the add of chocolate in it. Don’t be tensed, don’t be sad, just pack your bag! Oops, a really bad poem. But you know what, I am just too excited for this winter. So, here we are with some of the really exquisite collection of #Christmas love songs for all our viewers.

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Tune Into Some Christmas Love Songs For Your Special Someone

#Song 1- Last Christmas I gave you my heart

Ahh, this song, this song has something so unique.Something which only we lovers understand. The song has pain, love, happiness, sorrow and the best part is, it is an evergreen one. “Last #christmas I gave you my heart and the very next day ÿou gave it away.”

#Song 2- Fairytale of New York

A #christmas without this song is like Santa without his sleigh! Just play this song and hold your someone special tightly, dance to its melodious tune and gift your special someone a moment to live for. This song reminds you of those old times you enjoyed with each other. Nostalgic love and nostalgic moments.

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#Song 3- Underneath the tree

“Ï am gonna hold you close. Make sure that you know”- This foot tapping #Christmas number is just what you need to rock and roll with your love. Play it and enjoy the momentous rhythm of this song, groove to its beat and you are ready to rock.

#Song 4- One more sleep

Leona Lewis is that one person I have always admired. Not just for her singing but also for her essentially special quality of adding life to my lonely #christmas. You know this song, is a tribute to our olden golden days we had. It is like a snapshot of memories punched together.

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#Song 5- Love is everything

Ariana Grande just knows how to make your #christmas special. Not only special but extra special. You know this song is like the light breeze, especially the line “Your heart is the biggest gift you can give anyone”. One of the key songs that must be on your playlist this season.

#Song 6- All I want for #Christmas is you

Light your candles, dim the light and hold your partner beside you. As the song says, “All I want for #Christmas is you”. So, it’s all about just you and your love. What else you need and desire when you have that person in your arms, when you have your lifeline beside you! Just love and all about romance.

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Tune Into Some Christmas Love Songs For Your Special Someone

What is December without a memorable #Christmas and what is #Christmas without that someone special. So this winter make your someone special feel like never before, dance to some really exquisite tunes and seal the day with a kiss on their forehead. Be it #Christmas or be it any day, making that someone special feel special is a must.