Tips For Choosing The Perfect First Date Outfit


Tips For Choosing The Perfect First Date Outfit

Unsure about what to wear on your first date with the guy you like? Don’t know what will impress him the most? Confused about whether you should dress to impress or play it safe? Don’t worry, we’ve got a few tips for you, to make it easier for you to choose the right clothes for your date. Here are our tips for choosing the perfect first date outfit: [ Read: How to Look Cute and Melt a Guy’s Heart in 25 Ways ]

Tips For Choosing The Perfect First Date Outfit

Wear a dress or skirt

Although it sounds like a stereotypical choice and like you’ll be overdressed, men usually find a woman more feminine and sexy if they wear a dress or a skirt. Try it, and there’s no way you’ll be disappointed by the results!

Wear a pair of heels

Although wearing heels is a task, and can tire your legs and heels and test your balance after a few drinks, it is definitely a welcome change from all the ballerina flats and boots that are doing the rounds nowadays. Furthermore, heels make your legs look much sexier, and your date will definitely notice that! [ Read: How to Get a Guy’s Attention in Any Circumstance


Look colourful

Color not only adds vibrance to your personality, it makes you stand out in a good way. Furthermore, your date will probably choose a calmer shade to show his masculinity and solidity. He’ll appreciate a dash of color in his life, and it’ll also make it harder for him to take his eyes off you!

Show a little skin

We’re not asking you to show so much skin that you leave very little to your date’s imagination, but add some spice to your look by showing off your physique a bit. If you have great arms or great legs or any such feature you’re proud of, make sure you bring it to his notice. The same men are known to like women of all shapes and sizes, so don’t worry about it! [ Read: Boy Writes an Emotional Letter for his Girlfriend to SAVE their 6 Years Old Relationship ]

Don’t overdo the labels

Designer labels don’t really matter to most men, so don’t wear only labels from head to toe. If he doesn’t give it much importance in his own life, it’ll turn him off majorly. Dress smart, show that you’re fashionable and dress well, but don’t overdo it. He might get scared of how much he’d have to spend because of your shopping if you start dating, and run away! [ Read: Questions That Will Definitely Turn Your Date Off ]

Be careful about what you wear on your first date, because the first impression is very often the last impression! Good luck!

Can you think of anything else to consider while choosing your first date outfit? Tell us in the comments section!