Childish but Awesome Truths of Life – Must Read

Childish but Awesome Truths of Life – Must Read

Childish has a very different definition for each and everybody. Some may think that a particular act is that of a mature one or a childish one. Few people even at the mature age behave like kids. At times some kids behave like adults.  It is all the matter of what situation is in front of them and how they tackle it their way. Childish people even at mature ages are always young at heart. They always follow what their heart says irrespective of various opinions by their friends or family. It is important to have that child in you to rejoice yourself till the age you die. Some people are too serious in life and they don’t even realize that when their lives come to an end. They realize it after ages that they didn’t even live their life as they should have lived. [ Consider reading: Love Is Always Worth A Try And Here Are The Reasons Why ]

Childish but Awesome Truths of Life - Must Read

You call that girl stupid and foolish when she does what she wants to without taking any opinions from anybody. She just follows her heart and that’s what makes everybody jealous of her. She is independent and she has dreams to fulfill just like a child has. That girl might become your inspiration at some point of your life. [ Also read: 7 Ways To Heal A Broken Heart


People will call you crazy if you follow your dream. Make them call crazy. Only crazy and passionate people can bring a change in others life. Just as children don’t think about what others will say about them if they did something stupid. Be like those people. People inspire people. It’s important to have inspiration from everybody around you. Everybody can improve you and motivate you in some or the other way. If somebody knows to cook so well, then they can improve you or motivate you to cook like them. You never know, you might just learn a new good hobby which could make your family and friends go gaga over your food. Children learn at every age as they grow up. Adults too should be like that. Nobody should ever quit learning. There is something or the other to learn in every day you spend. Don’t let that opportunity go. When you die, you will be satisfied that you have learnt all the possible things you could have in your lifespan.

Asking questions never goes waste. You used to ask questions when you were a kid. You never presumed or assumed anything till the time you got the answer of your question. We should follow the same suit at this time too. Some people are never interested in asking the questions and they just assume things to happen their way. This is a childish act by everybody but it is the truth. You learn ample things just like you used to when you were young. This thing should fit in your mind that asking questions and getting the genuine answers never goes waste. It always helps everybody.

This is way too childish but it’s the inbound truth. Your teachers and your parents told you that it’s the most fun time of your life in your childhood. As you grow up, responsibilities are bound to take you up and fun stands nowhere then. Adulthood is largely and decidedly not fun. Adulthood too can be the best time if your lives if you live as you want to. That 9-5 job can be good and bearable too if you have it of your interest.

One of the most childish things one can do is not valuing the thing when it is present, but valuing it after it is gone. It happens with people too. People don’t value relationships, friendships, official work and what not. They start to value it just when it is gone. This is the common human tendency. Some people don’t even value blood relations like mother and father. They fight with them or crib about them that how much problem they cause but once they are gone, only then they resume to respect them and love them. [ Read here: 9 Qualities One Should Look Before Trusting Anyone ]

It is a must thing to be remembered in life that whatever your age is, you just need to be passionate if you think to do anything in life. People should call you a motivator or a revolutionist. Kids too motivate you to have fun in life. They rarely get depressed as they don’t care what others think or say about them. They are free from every restrictions which hinder their happiness.