How does it Feel Like Falling For Your Childhood Friend All of A Sudden


How does it Feel Like Falling For Your Childhood Friend All of A Sudden

Childhood friendship is a bond that grows with time. And it grows only to become more stronger and stranger! Things were going great between you both when suddenly the winds decided to change their direction. And, the thing we were not at all expecting actually happened, we fell in love. And with whom?? Well, with our childhood buddy cum advisor cum friend. Christ, who will save me now?? I mean, earlier whenever we met or went for a trip with him, everything was so smooth and comfortable. But now, today, suddenly his one glance gives me 1000000’s of vibes. Promptly my heart skips a beat each time you call my name.

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How does it Feel Like Falling For Your Childhood Friend All of A Sudden

An unexpected moment of joy and……I don’t know

I wasn’t expecting such, such, you know I am totally clueless! The yellow color that once looked cool on me now looks like a dirty fellow. That careless hairstyle which I always preferred as my ultimate style guide now looks like a heap of piled up garbage stacked somewhere. OMG! What shall I do?? How to describe my feelings I just don’t get it.

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When you suddenly come in front me

Instead of jumping with you, pulling your hair, I just stand suppressing my blushing smile and nod my head out of sheer butterfly-feelings. You know about the butterfly-feelings?? Well, that sudden goosebump you get inside your stomach which in turn makes you feel a little strange but you can’t stop yourself from laughing all of a sudden.

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That close hug of yours

We are friends since our childhood and we have hugged each other like a countless number of times. But suddenly after the storm of love, I kind of get emotional each time you hug me. That sound of your heartbeat makes me feel like- “Do you love me the way I do? I mean, this feeling that I have, do you have the same feelings too? Or is there anybody else there inside??” This thought breaks my heart softly, but you are not aware of it at all!

When you hold my hands and call me your best friend 

Those hard time when you come home and just sit idle, your silence speaks a lot. Unlike earlier, during those times I used to just promise you to be there always as a best-buddy and now, whenever I see you sad or depressed for any reason, it makes me cry too. I just feel like holding your hands and say that, no matter what happens, I will give my happiness to make you happy.

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When you search for other girls in front of me

Some few months back it was something we used to enjoy together. We had named it, CHIC-HUNT. But now, whenever you call for it, or even you look at someone else, I get jealousy all over my body and mind. At if by chance any girl responds to your call, I can only look from behind the doors and think of plans to bring you out from there.

How does it Feel Like Falling For Your Childhood Friend All of A Sudden

Love is really strange! It has so many parts, complications, I mean love is just an impossible feelings. But whenever I look at you and you look at me with your dreamy eyes, I feel I want to see only myself in those eyes. But, in case you fall for somebody else, I promise to be there forever. I love you buddy and forever will.