Cheating Signs – Signs He Is Cheating On You

Cheating Signs – Signs He Is Cheating On You

Cheating Signs – Signs He Is Cheating On You

Do you notice a sudden change in your partner or anything that suggests something fishy? The love that you used to see in your partner’s eyes seems to be missing and they do not appear to be as close to you as before. You can sense a certain distance between the two of you. You feel as if you are the only one trying to build the relationship without any contribution from your partner. You start thinking as to what is causing the drift between both of you when finally you stumble upon something you did not want to believe. Your partner could be cheating on you. [ Read: 9 Practical Ways to Rebuild Trust after You’ve Cheated ]

Here are 10 signs that could suggest he is cheating on you:

  1. Behavioural change

You notice a sudden change in their behaviour. Suddenly, your partner seems to be very different from what they used to be. After noticing their behaviour for a while, you wonder whether she/he is the same person you fell in love with. Your partner seems to have turned into a different person altogether. They have changed to such an extent that they almost seem like a stranger to you. The warm and positive person that you knew him/her to be is now a dull and gloomy human being. [ Read: 11 Truthful Reasons Why Women Cheat So Easily ]

  1.  Phone does not stop ringing

Your partner’s phone does not stop ringing and they are always talking to somebody on the phone. When you ask them, they claim to have received all the calls from colleagues and friends who you know, too. Strangely, when you ask those friends whether they called them up, their reply is negative. You wonder why your partner would lie to you, and you think about overhearing their conversations or tracking their phone calls.

  1. Keeps secrets

You feel like your partner is keeping some secrets, and is very conscious about not letting letting you know those secrets. They ask you to stay away from their phone and are extremely guarded about their personal belongings. When you ask them the reason behind their secretive behaviour they give you stupid, irrelevant reasons.  You always feel that they are hiding something from you. [ Read: 10 Secret Things Guys Wish Girls Knew About Guys ]

  1. Decline in the level of intimacy

Intimacy is an integral part of a relationship. You must be sharing a certain level of intimacy with your partner; but of late, you realise that the level of intimacy has come down drastically. Even if you persuade them, your partner does not feel comfortable getting intimate with you any longer. You can sense a certain discomfort and disinterest within your partner.

  1. They seem nervous

Your partner always seems to be nervous around you. He/she does not look straight in to your eyes while speaking. They speak in a low, under-confident voice and you fail to decipher what they say. They avoid you, as you tend to make them feel uncomfortable. [ Read: 18 Powerful Ways to Catch a Cheating Partner! ]

  1. Running late

They never make it on time for the dates or outings you organise. They always come back late from work ,and when you ask them about their late arrival, they always give you the same reply – They tell you that there is a lot of pressure at work which needs them to work over time. When you call up their office, you are told that they left long ago. But when you ask your partner, they maintain that they were at work.

  1. Do not care for you

Earlier, your partner used to drop all their work if you needed them for anything, but their caring nature is a thing of the past. They are no longer interested in your happiness. They do things that upset you and aren’t the least bit apologetic about the same. They are not bothered about you anymore. [ Read: 50 Relationship Questions to Test Your Compatibility ]

  1. Defensive mode

They are always in a defensive mode. Even if you talk about a very simple thing or ask a basic question, they react very sharply to it and ask you to shut up. Their guilt makes them think they are always being scrutinised and monitored. They feel the need to defend themselves all the time.

  1. Distance

You feel that your partner seems to be maintaining some distance from you. They do not talk much and reply mostly in monosyllables. They speak hurriedly and try to finish the conversation as quickly as possible. They even ask you to cancel all the plans you made together, on the pretext of work. Whatever little time they manage out of ‘work’, they prefer spending it with their friends. [ Read: An Open Letter by a Girl in a Long Distance Relationship ]

  1. Ill behaviour

Your partner is always in a bad mood and treats you badly. They have been treating you like this for a while, and you do not remember the last time they spoke nicely to you. You try your best to strike a conversation with them and be as polite as possible, but there does not seem to be any change in their behaviour. They continue to disrespect you and treat you badly.

There must be some reason behind you suspecting your partner of cheating on you. If you have some valid doubts in your mind; you must clear them as soon as possible. If you feel it to be appropriate, talk to your partner. Do not judge them before you find some evidence. At the same time, do not overlook the signs that point towards your partner cheating on you. Noticing these signs is the only way to figure out whether your partner is cheating on you or not.