Psychologically Speaking: Why Cheating Is Easier Than Being Faithful


Psychologically Speaking: Why Cheating Is Easier Than Being Faithful .

In all my previous articles I have talked about how cheating gives you negative feeling and how being faithful is much easier. In this article, we’ll talk about the psychological reasons behind CHEATING being more easier than being faithful. So, the first question that struck my mind was-

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Psychologically Speaking: Why Cheating Is Easier Than Being Faithful


Actually, if you think closely you would know that the feeling of cheating rises from that last argument or that last seen but no reply in WhatsApp or that strange lipstick mark in his handkerchief. So the basic reasons are-

1/Some misunderstood communication which is left unsolved and ultimately it faces its ultimate final conclusion of being unfaithful.

2/Feeling to flirt and not in the mood to get committed. Actually, these kinds of people (APPLICABLE TO BOTH GIRLS and BOYS) kind of feel suffocated or get bored of a single relationship. They don’t fear commitment, but they are not ready to invest their time in it. They feel like THE GRASS IS ALWAYS GREENER ON THE OTHER SIDE and thus love to spend time with more than one person.

3/There is always this feeling that other people have good stuff than us. We are envied by  that hot guy roaming with that small town hot babe or vice versa. This is something we have in us since childhood, like “My friend has this new PENCIL BOX, so I want it too”. It’s just that during those times, these were something childish; but now, it is more into DECEIVING FOR THE SAKE OF GETTING THE BEST.

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4/To some people, the relationship is all about getting laid in the bed! I don’t want to be rude but, to them, it’s all about VARIETY. They don’t feel like being committed or having a single girlfriend or boyfriend.

So to get out from all these situations they feel cheating or lying is the best option than committing the truth that THEY ARE NOT READY FOR COMMITMENT. Now comes the second question-


When a boy and a girl decides to go in a relationship they do it out of that instant mind rush. One-click liking, second click chatting and by the end of the chat, they are in a relationship. They don’t even think that what are their vices in life, it just happens. Yeah, it’s true that falling in love happen’s all of a sudden and the journey of knowing each other starts after that. But then why we forget to fight for the truth to keep that spark alive?? Why we become so vulnerable that we find cheating as the easiest option than speaking the truth.??

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Reason 1:

Why we forget that in a relationship there’s always that one person who is like that angry bull and the other partner has to be calm and try to resolve the matter with all their coolness. It’s hard at times to keep our anger down and explain the angry bull, but leaving that communication unsolved weeks after weeks can lead to unsolved misunderstandings.

Reason 2:

Not everyone has the same mentality as you have. Some are so simple and naive that they don’t understand the difference between chalk and cheese. They get shattered when they see you with some another person apart from them. And on top of that, your lie just acts as a catalyst to boost their depressed feeling of being deceived. Instead of using them according to your needs, be wise and don’t make them fall for your ONE NIGHT LOVE which get’s over the next day.

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Reason 3:

Have you forgot your days of staying fit and beautiful for your partner?? Have you forgot how you used to compliment her careless and no makeup look?? Just rewind your mind and see how beautiful those days were, you both stood by each other and rectified each other’s flaws instead of eyeing to that girl/boy behind you. A sudden makeover, a daily exercise for just half an hour is enough to make your partner feel how important you are to them. And also to compliment their baby fats instead of comparing them to some other 36-24-36 or TDH.

Reason 4:

A relationship is all about coming closer, stitching that unseen bond of making two bodies into one soul. Sex is not a crime, in fact, it makes one come closer (EMOTIONALLY and PHYSICALLY) to each other. If you try to impress or rather surprise your partner with some sudden sexual desire to come closer to each other, and if the other one respects this decision of yours then what’s the problem??

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Psychologically Speaking: Why Cheating Is Easier Than Being Faithful

The question of cheating arises when your other half never reciprocates to your reaction and that’s why out of EGO cum ANGER cum SELF RESPECT they choose cheating or lying as their tool to get over this hangover. Being faithful is not a one-sided decision, it is the hard work of two people that creates the ultimate magic. So, next time if you feel like cheating, just consider the above-written facts and change your thinking. Be faithful,  be happy!