6 Signs He Will cheat Again


6 Signs He Will cheat Again

Are you fed up of looking whether he will cheat on you or not?? Most of the time what happens is, in the mirage of getting unlimited happiness we often ignore those visible signs which clearly shows that he might be cheating on you yet again. Love your man, but don’t blindfold yourself. Stay alerted and always have a clear notion of what you are doing and what your boyfriend is doing. Trusting him is good but, allowing him to play with it or misuse it, is not worth it. So, below are 6 signs which clearly allows him to cheat on you yet again.

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6 Signs He Will cheat Again -likelovequotes

#1 Blind trust on him

Girls have this soft corner problem where they can’t just stop trusting their partner to an extent where it becomes absolutely impossible for them to say anything against their lovey-dovey partner. In this context, they actually give them the full force right to misuse and cheat on you. And in return, you can just sit down and cry in a corner. Asking him questions or keeping an eye on what he is doing is not a cheap task. It is your right and duty to keep your relationship away from anything-everything negative. Infact, you know how foolish men are, they just don’t know anything and are a big time idiot.

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#2 Allowing him to play with your emotions

Why would you do that?? In the fear of losing him, in the fear of making him sad, don’t you feel you are actually ruining your relationship by this. I have been through this phase wherein the feat of losing him I, almost lost my own happiness and in return, I got only one thing- Heart Break. Never allow your partner to take full charge of yourself. Stop him if you feel he is doing anything wrong, by this, you won’t loose him or neither he will get away from you. By this, you are actually pulling him closer, and giving your relationship a new level.

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#3 Forgiving him unlimitedly

Giving him chance to correct his fault is ok but, allowing him to repeat his mistakes again and again, and tolerating it without even saying a word, is not good. When a mistake is repeated more than once it becomes a choice, not a mistake anymore. Be strict and if needed teach him a lesson by being his mother. Don’t hit him, just avoid paying heed to his ignorant attitude. Stop caring about his needs, let him feel your value and understand your emotions.

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#4 He controls you in every way

Be it your simple night out with your friends or your career choice, you actually allow your man to cheat on your yet again! How! Well, when he is controlling you from head to toe, he is definitely doing something which he should not be doing. He has many affairs too, and if you don’t take up the situation in your hand right now, you might be putting your life in danger as well. Wake up and take the charge, teach your man that you are not his property, you are his responsibility.

#5 You have no say in the relationship

You are nothing more than a living robot, who has only work and that listens to what her master commands. Don’t be like this, and this can be a sign that he might be cheating on you. Listening to what your boyfriend says is good, but, allowing him to control you in every bit, is not good. You should have an equal say in your relationship, and I believe girls take the right decision when it comes to understanding their partners and their desires.

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#6 Your guy hides almost every details about himself

Starting from his laptop to his phone, he is keeping everything under the curtains. I am not saying one has to show each and everything about their life be it his phone or his laptop. But, keeping each and every detail under the black curtains, is not good. Don’t have to say her every minute detail but, please don’t trick her.

6 Signs He Will cheat Again

Her life revolves around you, don’t ruin it if you can’t make it!