“And As We Grow Up, We Change Our Priorities”


” And As We Grow Up, We Change Our Priorities “

With the birthday candles increasing in number day by day, with the height increasing every month we start realizing our priorities. We start pointing out the things  that are our necessity and not the luxury. Similar is the case with our love life. As we gain maturity we realize that more than an eye candy or a hang-out partner, we need someone who can support us both emotionally and financially. Slowly and steadily the choice or the priorities we want from our life partner changes.

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"And As We Grow Up, We Change Our Priorities"

1/From “talk with me 24*7” – “Let’s work hard to enjoy the rest 24*7”

As the hands of the clock rotate we as a couple or as a person realize the harsh truth of reality. We realize that spending time, uploading pictures, going for a movie each day is really nothing when it comes to having a secured future. You look for someone who can support you financially, who has a practical mindset and most importantly has an aim in his life with a proper planning.

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2/ You don’t wait to change each other

You both have reached the level of understanding and you both are focussed on your career and have absolutely no time for that childish foolishness. Actually, you have learned a lot from your all previous relationships that trying to change someone or trying to make them understand their flaws, especially to those who have a reluctant mind is so baseless.

3/Even if you talk less you don’t fight for this

Unlike earlier, when a one-minute late message was considered a sin, now the situation has become more understandable. You know your man is also busy working out somewhere and you don’t want to disturb him. He is a gentleman and he knows his responsibilities too. You both have your priorities all sorted.

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4/ No more fickle minded motives or game playing attitude

Enough with flirting and summer fling dating, you are more serious about yourself now. Absolutely no time in your schedule for such nonsense. You have a tight schedule and is not ready to waste any moment on these unconventional issues. Our priorities shifts from “Dating the best girl/boy in town” to “Working in the best company in town and then the world”.

5/ A functional brain is more important than a handsome face

Tall, dark, handsome but a dull brain! No time for such poker-faced antiques. Your criteria’s are now sorted and you are looking for someone who can stand tall by your side during your dark and not so handsome situation. To you, a creative brain with a proper future planning, financial planning, and most chauvinism, is the most important factor. Cause at the end of the day, you don’t want your life to look like a comic film.

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6/A good amount of solitude is needed

It’s high time now and we both have reached the level where if we don’t pull up our socks to work hard now, it will be too late to lament later. The amount of competition which is going on and the amount of creativeness needed is unmatchable. Each day a new venture, each day we have to do something best than the other day. For this, a moment of solitude is a must to understand and comprehend your own self.

"And As We Grow Up, We Change Our Priorities"
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See, basically what happens is, as we grow up we face certain hormonal changes which actually induces certain physical and emotional changes in us. Physically we become more aware of our own self and emotionally we become more aware of our practical field.