Celebrate Valentine Day With Your Honey, Without Splurging Away Money

Celebrate Valentine Day With Your Honey, Without Splurging Away Money

How are you going to Celebrate Valentine Day ? Valentine Day is just a few days away and everyone is busy spending and splurging on the most perfect surprise plan for their partner. Many of them have bought their partners expensive diamond jewelry and exotic watches. Some of the young couples are planning an exotic foreign tour in a grand cruise party. There is no limit to how much you could spend for the sake of your valentine. But, often we fall short of money and cannot afford such luxurious gift items to impress our partners. Does that mean that our valentine day will be boring and unappreciated?

Celebrate Valentine Day With Your Honey, Without Splurging Away Money, Celebrate Valentine Day
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Does it mean that people who are poor but deeply in love with their partners cannot celebrate Valentine Day gleefully? Or else teenagers newly in love cannot celebrate Valentine Day with their beloved partners?

There are some glorious and amazing ways how you can celebrate Valentine day with your lovely partner without having to burn your pockets off cash.

So here are some creative ways to celebrate valentine day with your honey without having to splurge all your money.

  • Use home- made decorations. Try using card papers from greeting cards or balloons left over from birthday parties.

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  • Instead of opting for an exotic and expensive meal at a fancy restaurant, treat your valentine to a meal you made. It could be any one food item but something that you really make well.
  • Instead of getting them dozens and dozens of roses and bouquets, get them a single red rose.
  • Make time for your partner instead of buying gifts for your lover. Sometimes, spending time with your partner is the best gift you can give to your partner.
  • Take your partner for a romantic walk in the evening instead of taking them on an exotic foreign vacation.
  • Gift your partner a hand-made gift item. It could be a simple thing like a sock bunny or a mixed tape.

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  • Spend your valentine day at home watching your favorite romantic movie or sitcoms together. Make the ambiance romantic with dim lights, scented candle and slow music playing in the background.
  • Instead of taking your partner to a loud night club for a huge valentine party, with zero privacy, spend valentine day on the terrace of your house. Make the ambiance pleasant and put on soft music and dance to in the dim moonlight with stars gazing away at the both of you.
  • Prepare a romantic monologue from a movie that you both love and recite it to them with love, passion and warmth.
  • If your valentine loves chocolates, then instead of gifting them expensive branded chocolates, choose home-made chocolates available online or at a nearby shop. You might also get an option of imprinting some cute love message on those chocolates for your lover.
  • You can write a beautiful love letter expressing all your feelings. This is free of cost and is extremely precious to the person who gets it.
  • You can make love notes or make a lovely greeting card instead of buying ready-made ones. Making a greeting card, makes it more personal, interesting and increases its value.
  • Say some cute love lines, to your valentine and be expressive to make them feel special. Love doesn’t have to cost anything. And the best things in the world are free!
  • Say “I love you” to your partner again and again, on calls, on text, via messengers, face to face, while hugging them and snuggling to them. This is sure to make them feel amazing.
  • Plan a picnic on the day of your valentine. Take a picnic basket and spend an evening in the local park with your lover amidst nature.
  • You can go for a trek if you both love adventures. Alternatively, you can also plan a romantic camping trip which will make you rediscover each other amid the beauty of nature.
  • Buy your gifts and flowers in advance from a local store instead of super markets. The price rises with the advent of valentine day as well as local market has cheaper rates.

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How do you plan to make your valentine day special as well inexpensive? Share your ideas and suggestions with us in the comments section.