I Caught him Cheating but He Keeps Denying his Deeds: What to do?

I Caught him Cheating but He Keeps Denying his Deeds: What to do?

I’ve fallen for a guy and currently dating him. He’s known to be a ‘play boy’. We’ve been dating for almost 3 months now and he said that he’s no longer the guy he used to be because of me. Though from time to time I caught him cheating but he keeps on denying his deeds. Should I still continue dating him?

A member of our Facebook page found out that the man she is dating is cheating on her and he is not ready to accept that he is cheating. She is confused whether she should continue dating, as she caught him red handed. We posted it in our page and below mentioned are some top fan suggestions that helped her with her current relationship.

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I Caught him Cheating but He Keeps Denying his Deeds: What to do

1# He doesn’t Really Love You:

Take it from a guy. When a guy falls in love, his eyes will set on one girl. The fact that he is cheating tells me, he is not serious. He doesn’t really love you. His actions state that.

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2# Let Him Go, and Move On:

No! As long as you saw that he is cheating you,what is the point of wasting your time ? Let him go, and move on!

3# Ask Yourself:

Go look yourself in the mirror and ask yourself if you deserve someone who cheats on you or if you deserve a real man. You’ll find your answer. It’s all about your own self worth.

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4# Someone Shared a Real Life Experience:

My brother met a girl when we moved to a new town. Everyone even her family told him not to date her because she was a player but he really liked her and kept dating her. Needless to say… 7 years 4 children and 1 beautiful wedding later they are still together and more in love with each other than ever before! She’s never done a thing to corrupt their relationship. She truly changed by just from meeting my brother. Hope my little story helps.

5# Why stick to him?:

Why stick to him? let him go until he stumbled down. Once a person is a play boy he’s always a play boy. Anyway he’s not the only man in this world, just find a man who is faithful to you. A one woman man.

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6# Give him a Chance:

You are dating for almost 3 months, well honey it’s a long time already for a guy known as a playboy and if he tells you that he’s no longer the same guy he use to be then give him a chance. And if you still catch him cheating by that second chances by then start to decide what’s good and best for you. Remember men are always men. Playboy or not.

6# Don’t be Stupid:

Why would you willfully admit that you know he’s cheated on you. And believe that he has changed because of you. I mean you make your bed you lay in it. But really do we even need to tell you what the right answer is? Because if you can’t figure it out on your own, dating a cheater is the least of your troubles . No offense but don’t be stupid.

7# Don’t Make Life Complicated:

I think it is a matter of your own values, your family will never accept him and what is the guarantee that he will not do these things again. I think it’s not been so much time that you had spend with him just leave and move forward do not make you life complicated.

8# A Real Life Experience:

There are somethings that you need to know on what you want and need in life because once you mix them you may loose yourself in a process of not knowing what you need or deserve. Sometimes you can’t help who your heart falls in love with and it’s hard to let go. Men are simple creatures, some have more values and morals than others needless to say. Never, ever chase love and never accept cheating behavior. Let love come and find you.

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