Can’t Fight This Love

Can't Fight This Love

Can’t Fight This Love

What did I ever think? The dream of being with him was so unreasonable and today when I think over it again, I realize that we were never meant to be together! And as those words “never ever” keep echoing in my head, I go back….6 years! [ Read: The Story Of A Perfect Couple ]

There was this girl-new to school, calm, introvert and docile. She didn’t care for the world because it was only herself whom she could call a friend. And she fell in love with this guy who was so full of life! Whose smile made the sun shine bright! Needless to say,he taught her to live, he taught her to love!! And such love that once she was in, she could never be out of it!

For 4 years, she loved him in silence. She never told him, maybe because she knew that she was not worth him. But she loved him unconditionally. She was never jealous when he talked to any other girl but only wished it was her. [ Read: Just Another Love Story – Based on Real Life Experience ]

And whenever he did talk to her, all she could do was to search for a reply, to control her emotions and to get her words at the right place. She could never revise her chapters well, but every look he gave, each word he said and every single incident about him is still fresh in the diary of her memories… And she was courageous enough to express her feelings to him! The girl who could hardly even talk to him, whose heartbeat would start a marathon run when he looked at her, texted him one summer eve that she really liked him. She knew from the beginning that he had never experienced love for her but she wanted that special person to know how special he was!! But whatever may be, she knew her feelings would be respected. No, they weren’t. Hardly did she know it then! The following year, she kept stopping herself from dreaming of him but she failed to ‘Cause every time she would look at him, she would fall in love with him, all over again! [ Read: The Bestie – Story ]

And there was a flickering hope… A hope that maybe someday he would feel the same for her. This year too passed by. She began realizing that he was not that person who he was years ago, he had changed, he wasn’t that guy she fell in love with. This one was an attention-seeking careless brat. He was never like this, she knew for sure. But she couldn’t let go of her feelings for him! She could never change her crush in the past 6 years, but what was she supposed to do when her crush had completely changed?? All the pain she went through, she wondered where love had taken her to.

It was supposed to be a cheerful and magical experience. It is only confusion now!

And at the end, her love for herself won over her love for him. She could finally let go of all she had in her heart for him, though not completely because that she can never do. Because he had become a part of her. Her life now was in a big turmoil. She wanted to forget him, wanted to hate the person she loved so much! [ Read: Yes, I do! – Story ]

She cannot!
It’s him! It’s always been him! And this crazy girl? It’s me because it cannot be anyone else….anyone who can hold on to him for so long. And though she very well knows that they were “never ever” meant to be, Still, today when she goes to bed, in the night, she closes her eyes only to dream of him! [ Read: We could have been at least friends – Story ]

The writer of this heartfelt story requested not to mention here name.