Why You Cannot Force Someone to Love You


Why You Cannot Force Someone to Love You

Can we force anyone to love us? It is difficult to answer such a question. Paul Coelho, one of the famous novelist has rightly said One is loved because one is loved. No reason is needed for loving.” Similarly one cannot force anybody to love Someone. It is easy to have a feeling of hatred for someone but it is hard to love someone unconditionally. Love is a feeling which is very pious and strong. It cannot be felt by people of small heart and inferior minds. There are ample of reasons why we cannot force anyone to love us. LikeLoveQuotes.com is here to make you aware why it is not possible to make anyone love us.

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Why You Cannot Force Someone to Love You-likelovequotes

 Should you Force Someone to Love You?

The answer to the above question is a big no. It is not at all right to make someone forcefully love you. ‘Love is not about Force it is about Flow.’ By flow we means flow of emotions, flow of feelings etc. Beauty of love is that it makes a person effortlessly flow in it. Hence it never a good choice to make someone love you forcefully

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One of the reasons why we cannot demand someone to love us is Loving someone is a spontaneous process. This means that Love is something which develops automatically. It does not wait for a call of someone to accept it. You may find many people who fall in love with someone just in one look. So this definitely suggest that no prior knowledge or force or action is regard.

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We truely believe that Love either happens or either it is bluff that many people play with others to use them for their selfish motives Love is all about loving the person with the same intensity as we love ourselves. True love is the love which waits for nothing. It is something which permanent without any wavering thought. True love or even love in simply means a permanent place in ones heart.

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Hence, it will not be wrong to accept the fact that a Love which is forced on someone is nothing more than a burden to him. Such a love will never instill true or permanent feelings for your partner. There will be nothing in such a relationship. Everything is Temporary. Such  relationship starts on a false note and ends in seconds.

Thus, forcing someone to love you will yield you nothing but confusion and temporary happiness without any future.