Who You Can Call Your Prince Charming?


Who You Can Call Your Prince Charming?

Is the idea of Prince Charming is Still Alive? Is there really Someone whom you can call Man of Your Dreams? There are many notions attached to the very concept of Prince Charming. He is every girl’s fantasy. According to many girls he is a man who make the fairy tales come true. He is the one who comes in the armour. For some girls He is the One who make them believe in all chivalrous romances. Besides all these notions there are certain things girls don’t seem to understand about their so called ‘Prince Charming.’ LikeLoveQuotes.com, is here to help you understand the real definition of Your Prince. Do you want to know? Then, Keep Scrolling Down and Keep Reading.

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Who You Can Call Your Prince Charming

It’s Not Their Fault : Childhood And Fairy Tales.

It is so Obvious why girls have such notions in their mind. It is simply because they are grown up hearing fairy tales in their childhood. And it is because they are letting the fairy tales cloud their mind with baseless ideas of love. They need to understand that Love isn’t easy. Especially the love which you can call the good in its own kind. It is difficult. Love is not always like bed of roses. It brings some thrones too. It is you who has to manage yourself living both sides with utmost calm and patience.

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Finding True Love and your Prince Charming is difficult. This is because there is no perfect notion about love as well as the concept called Prince Charming. As mentioned above, love is amalgamation of both Roses And Thrones. By this I mean to say, that some days you will feel like ripping your hairs out just as many days you will feel the wind at your back. Girls need to be very careful in choosing their partner. If you still find it difficult to understand the Definition of Real Prince Charming or what we very frequently call ‘Man of My Dreams’ Let me Help you Knowing the Real And the Practical Definition of MAN OF MY Dreams.

According to me, every girl dreams of a man who loves her well. She dreams of a man who never belittles her. A real man is the one who never belittles her girl not even in the heat of an argument. Someone who is gentle with her. But this does not mean that he should treat you like you are a fragile being. Being a girl my Prince Charming will be the one Who knows What I am Capable of and Celebrate Those Pieces of Mine.

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In my opinion He is definitely not the One who is Intimated by Your Strength. He is definitely not the One who Doesn’t Make You Feel Guilty for Being Flawed. Therefore, its not the job of love to punish you. All you need to keep in mind is the person you love is as broken as you are. No one is Perfect. You should not hold them to this Standard. Hence, you need to find someone who is forgiving, patient, and apologetic. Real man is the One who Practices Forgiveness Freely. Love someone who is Humble, Kind and Empathetic. Love someone who believes in Common Courtesy. Compassion is Important and Kindness is Important.