Ways to Build Trust in a Long-Distance Relationship


Ways to Build Trust in a Long-Distance Relationship

Long-distance relationships – when you hold on to your love from miles away. One needs to be patient and understanding in a long-distance relationship, and the key ingredient to making it work is trust. Here are a few tips to help maintain trust with your long-distance lover.

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Ways to Build Trust in a Long-Distance Relationship -likelovequotes

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1. Make sure you know each other completely :
It is necessary to be brutally honest with your partner, to make sure that there is complete transparency in the relationship. There’s no point keeping secrets from someone you love so deeply.

2. Commit to the relationship and stick to it :
Discuss your levels of commitment. The last thing you’d want in a relationship where you put so much effort is a mismatch in commitment levels. And equally importantly, stick to your commitment. I mean, that’s the whole point, right?

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3. Give each other the right amount of space :
Every individual in a relationship needs his/her own personal space, as well. Talk about it, and make sure you make each other comfortable. Don’t be overbearing, but don’t be detached either.

4. Keep things interesting :
Try not to bore your partner – keep the spark alive. Talk about new and fun things, Skype each other, play games online – just make sure you’re having fun whenever you do get to speak to/ see each other. Let him/her know how much you value your time with them.

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5. Insecurity :
When your lover is far away, you’re bound to wonder what he/she is up to, and whether or not there’s ‘someone else’. Address these issues, and be clear about what bothers you. Furthermore, it’s necessary to assume that they wouldn’t do anything to hurt you. It’s an integral part of trusting each other.

6. Be calm while addressing issues :
If there’s something bothering you about the long-distance relationship, talk to your partner about it calmly. Anger only makes the situation worse. You’re making too big an effort to be in the relationship to let your temper get in the way.

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7. Keep planning visits :
In a long-distance relationship, the time when you finally get to meet your partner is when all the effort seems worthwhile. So make plans to visit each other often, take a weekend trip to a pleasant destination, and once in a while, surprise him/her!