Brother Writes an Emotional Letter to His Little Sister

Brother Writes an Emotional Letter to His Little Sister

Brother Writes an Emotional Letter to His Little Sister

Hey there baby sister!

The world is celebrating sibling day, so I thought why not make you feel special and tell you some things I have never said before. I hope you enjoy reading this, as much as I have enjoyed reminiscing those memories… [ Read: Sister Writes an Open Letter to Her Brother as She Turns 16 ]

To start off with, I may have hated the fact of having a little sister as a kid, but now when I look at you – I wonder what was I thinking?  I never realised how much I could treasure someone until you came along!

As a kid I remember getting so annoyed with you! All you would do is follow me around and do whatever I did. It surely was irritating, but then I found out that you could be my entertainment machine – you would literally do whatever I asked you to. In short, you would worship me. So I have had a good laugh (and of course lots of memories) when I told you to run in the swimming pool only to watch you fall smack on your face, or scared about with my horror masks, or made you the loser, side character in those action packed games we played in our home. [ Read: 20 ways to become a better brother ]

Your crying would get on my nerves. I would be so embarrassed to have you around because for the smallest of matters, tears would roll down your eyes. So instead of enjoying my time with friends, I had to come take care of you and so did my friends. I know I make you sound like a spoilt brat, but well, you sort of were one!

As you grew up, I saw you maturing (the crying never stopped though), but our relationship moved to a very amicable stage. We became patient and started treating each other more like friends than enemies. I remember being getting the tag of ‘the possessive brother’ (along with the ‘hot brother’) by all your friends – that’s because I was! I knew how tough high school could be and how rumours could affect a sensitive person like you. You may not know this, but I always scanned all your crushes and kept a check on your boyfriend! What can I say, that’s my job! [ Read: 5 ways to be a better son! ]

Believe it or not, you and your actions affect me as well as influence me! When you come and give me your suggestion, that’s the first I take that into consideration. Your way of looking at situations and your quality of maintaining relations is something that I truly admire! I have a strong feeling that I have made so many friends today, only because I have seen you being this happy, social kid since childhood; it pushed me to go out there, too!

We had already bonded, but dealing with parents in those crucial late teens and early twenties was what brought us on the same page. You have put up with my attention-seeking girlfriends, interacted with my prospective girlfriends and also given the looks to the ones that you disliked! I took sadistic pleasure in those moments you turned into a nasty girl and gave cold shoulders to girls you didn’t like. [ Read: 7 ways to convince your parents to lend you money ]

So today, when we are all grown up with a master’s degree in hand and looking up business opportunities, I think you and I have just become so much closer! I think you understand me the best in the family and I am comfortable sharing my secrets with you. I know I am quite an introvert, but I have opened up to you and will always do.

I am so proud of my little sister that everywhere I go, I tell people about you! The girl you have grown up to be has changed my way of looking at things; and I know I have that one person standing by me always. [ Read: We could have been at least friends ]

From all those fun times and emotional moments we have shared, I think my favourite one would be that evening we made a pact that nothing will come between the two of us. We have seen sibling relationships go sour, but I trust the both of us – I know we will both be standing by each other in every stage of life. Good and bad, just look back and you’ll see me smiling at you!

Yours Loving,