7 Common Things Which Happens After Breakup


7 Common Things Which Happens After Breakup

Ouch! It hurts. Yeah, surely it does hurts, after all, it is Breakup, my love. Basically, you and your partner were not having that connection or spark within, and thus, separation came along. And followed by this, comes that phase where you miss your partner like hell (Literally).

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And, those little musings happens when we are lonely, when we sleep in our little pillow, tears roll down our cheeks. We try to wake up next morning and push ourselves to move ahead, but, it is difficult, cause breakup brings up few of the cliched *follow backs* with it too. And today we will be discussing those little and emotional “follow backs”.

#1. Why Did You Guys Broke Up

Duh! We understood people are concerned about us and we respect that. But, everytime we meet, asking that question and forcing us to remember those “Once upon a time romantic” and now “painful” moments.

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#2. Let’s Find A boyfriend/girlfriend

I mean, please, get a life. #breakup doesn’t mean always we have to look for another relationship. And we do this not because we don’t believe in love or something like that but, we just want to live with ourselves now. We want to feel normal, like good and relaxed. And, sometimes, one should just walk and not worry about the destination. Let the destiny take you.

#3. The “Heart-Break” parameter

So, according to some “so called love professors”, one can measure the parameter of heartbreak. Like, I have heard this so many times and it is highly disgraceful. Be it a boy or a girl. one can never judge anybody’s pain. They can never feel it the way the victim is feeling. Yes, after #breakup people smile and laugh, just because it is life and they have to lead it.

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#4. You know, that your GF/bf was with this person

I mean really, like really? That information is not really needed. Not because we broke up but, because, we just don’t want to listen, cause it hurts. Yes, it does hurt and at times, we often cry secretly. Don’t do this, just be there beside us and that will be all.

#5. Why have you still those gifts

Because we don’t want to dispose of those now and we just want to let those be as they are. When the right time comes, when we think we will dump those, we will actually dump those.

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#6. Let’s go for a night out or party

Said some really experienced people that partying and going out actually helps heal #breakup. Blimey! Absolutely nonsense. Partying or going out for dates or anywhere, never actually helps in healing heartaches. Just allow us to be alone, allow us to go through those emotions and face it, not just running away. Let us cry as many times we want, please.

#7. You shouldn’t have had sex

Having sex was our own personal choice and we respect those moments. Cause whatever happened was with both of our agreement. Yes, we know that when sex happens, the bond gets stronger and thus it affects us badly after #breakup. But, that doesn’t mean one would dictate it out as something negative.

7 Common Things Which Happens After Breakup

Heartbreaks are not normal, it is painful, allow us to breathe and deal with it. We just you to be there by our side and not dictate your emotions out. Just be by our side, that’s all!