We Broke-up Through Online Message: What to do?

We Broke-up Through Online Message: What to do?

If a couple broke up through online message, do they have to talk personally for a closure to get over of the pain? Or is it okay not to have any closure? Need some advice?

Our Facebook page member had to go through a break-up in her relationship, she broke-up through online message. It’s quite devastating for her to move on and so she approached us for help. We decided to post her query in our Facebook page to get suggestions from our page fans. Below mentioned are some top fan suggestions that helped her to overcome the pain of break-up.

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We Broke-up Through Online Message: What to do?

1# Not Everyone Can have it:

Someone said that closure is like luxury. Not everyone can have it. Sometimes we just have to accept that end is the end no matter how it is done, no matter how painful it might be. Closure doesn’t mean you have to do the parting time in a right way. Closure is acceptance and forgiveness. That’s not all relationship last forever and there is no happy ending. Closure is finding your true self and be happy to find someone else again and not giving up. Closing every relationship can be hard but you cannot find the closure from anyone but from yourself. Hope you find peace and happiness in love and life.

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2# Break up is a Break Up:

It is does not matter how you do it, a break up is a break up, it’s what’s easier for that person to do. It’s because they would have find it easier and less painful through online message / texting. Whatever the reason there will always be two sides and then the truth either way it hurts. The best revenge is to make a success out of your life and be happy.

3# Accept the Closure and Move On:

Just accept it as closure and move on no point worrying about it to over.

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4# Love can Move Mountains:

One should put things in a proper way. One should break up personally not by online message, texting, chat or by phone. Talk to the other person so that you can settle things in private within the two of you. Who knows you can still fix that relationship in possible ways wholeheartedly. True love can wait, true love understands, true love never fades, true love can move mountains, so everything is possible when it comes to love matters.

5# No Thing as Getting Over the Pain:

There is no such thing as “Getting over the pain”. It would seem that you got over the pain but the truth is, you only learn to live with it. No matter what the reason is, it would be best to talk it out personally and achieve closure, that would be the best step to do.

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Personally , it would be very cowardly on both parts to end the relationship in this kind of way by online message. COMMUNICATION is a KEY FACTOR in an any relationship, both should compromise and come together and talk , discuss, and communicate, and give this real closure, not something cowardly .

7# Ask Your Self these Questions:

Few would prefer talking my ex on personal just to vent out my opinions. Having no closure means having feelings. Closure doesn’t exist in real life. Seeing you to talk about things will only prolong  your sufferings. Sometimes couple have on and off but in the end your LOVE bind both of you together. Now ask yourself are you willing to let her go ? Are you ready to see the person you love with someone else? Are you happy or are you going to be happy without her or him? Is the love is really gone? Aren’t you going to give it a try and show you will NEVER give up on your love? If yes, Win her Back.

Well you have to make sure so you will not have any REGRETS. Pain means love is real so why you have to make a closure if you really know that you want her back. Set aside the pride and find a way. Don’t make a reason for closure because the real reason is you miss her and you want her attention, you want her to talk to you and start the conversation. Make it fast before someone steals her heart and before she decided to leave you seriously and give chance to other because of the pain you’ve cause.

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8# Talking Personally could Double the Pain:

Its better not to talk personally because it can also double the pain. What most worst is leaving you on air, no words, no explanations.

9# Think about Yourself

Do what takes you feel as right! There’s a various opinions or suggestions on here. If you think deeply and realizing what’s right go ahead. Closure is not necessity. The important here is you have a peace of mind and get starting to get over it and move forward. Moving on is a hard thing to do but you have to do the right for your own good.

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10# Give the Person Some Space in Time they will Open up:

It is important to have closure, a lot of questions will be asked and you might not even get the answers you need, I did notice that when someone breaks up online there is still a very strong feeling from the party that broke up with the person and to avoid making up they would rather just stay behind a text message. There will always be a reason for breaking up just give the person some space and time and they will open up.

What else do you suggest if she doesn’t love him? Let us know in comments below. Got some questions that needs to be answered? Send it to our Facebook page. Hope this article really helped you, do share it with someone in need.