When You Break Up With Your BFF


When You Break Up With Your BFF

Breakup is always a sad scenario. A sad story, no one wishes to be a part of. But then there are various kind of breakups; the cliched ones that happen between the girlfriend and her boyfriend. Breakups that happen between families. Moreover, breakups that happen between one and their BFF.

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The ones who have experienced the breakup with their best friend know the best how devastating it feels. It, in fact could feel much more miserable than a breakup with a boyfriend or a girlfriend. It is so, because your best friend was more than a friend to you.

They were family, they were home. They supported you in stood by you through the thick and the thin. So, when one breaks up with their best friend, following are the few things that they go through.

1 – You stop seeing them.
You just stop seeing them at your favorite cafeteria which was once the favorite spot to chill. In fact, you perhaps stop going to that particular cafeteria on your own. Mostly also because it reminds you of the amazing times you spent together and how it is not the same anymore. [ Read : Getting Over: Know How to LET IT GO


2 – There aren’t any sleepovers anymore.
This is one of the obvious consequences which take place once you’ve broken up with your bff of 5 years. They have stopped coming by to your place, let alone, have a sleep over.

3 – Birthdays? Not a chance.
Well, for a moment, you might want to call them up and tell them how much you miss them and want to gift them the longest hug on your birthday but you are suddenly reminded of the reasons why you two don’t share the same relationship anymore and boom! No birthday wishing over the phone. [ Read : Learn to Fall in Love with the Spirit of Letting Things Go ]

4 – They have seemed to find better friendships.
It’s true. Once you are no longer in the same sort of connect with your ex-best friend, you tend to realize their new and growing friendships with other people and how they connect with them so much better than they did with you. Or even if not that, they have found people whom they trust a lot better now and are clearly happy with their intensifying friendships.

5 – Each time you think about them, it feels nostalgic.
It might be one of the saddest & ugliest truths you have ever come across, but it is too true. The only thing which tends to make you think about them even now is the act of nostalgia. Everything related to them and about them is a faded memory regardless of it being bittersweet at the same time. [ Read : Overthinking Will Destroy Your Mood. ]

6 – There are days you miss them. A lot.
Even if things are not even near to being like the way they were earlier, nothing can change the fact that they were the best part of your lives for years. And that is why there are certain days you miss your bff a lot and you end up crying and missing them till you break down.

Break ups with best friends are one of the saddest phases one can go through. Once a family and now, a bitter stranger with some memories. [ Read : Please Hug Me Really Tight ]

As much as it breaks your heart, you cannot out-rule the fact that you only let go of a person who did not allow you to grow so. So, cheer up buddy.