What Happens After Breakup – Funny Side Up


What Happens After Breakup – Funny Side Up

What happens exactly after a breakup? Apart from those tears and late night missings, the breakup has a funny side too. It’s true that life comes to a standstill after a breakup. For the next 48 hours, we spend thinking what went wrong. We start calculating many past incidents as to whose fault was it. And in this calculation, we often end up blaming our own self. But after that, after the painful 48 hours, what is the scene? How do things change? Well, I never felt this before. Initially, just like all other girls I too had this notion that the effect after a breakup is dull and heartbreaking. But, when I faced it, in reality, I realised the funny sides too. Check them out!

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  1. All other boys/girls seems beautiful- we are a free bird

I know this sounds absolutely weird but, after the grilling 48 hours, any beautiful guy or girl seems to attract our eyes. We feel like “Ah! He/she is something.” And if you are a gym freak or visit the gym regularly, you seem to overflooded with hot people. Then your mind starts ringing, “I am single now, no tension no one to stop. Let’s enjoy the attention.”

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2. But all is not good in the hood

As soon as we decide to make that first step towards flirting or enjoying the attention, something from inside stops us. Something like an inner voice saying, “No! You are doing the same thing again. What if he/she turns out to be really serious? Another serious relationship, not just possible. But that doesn’t stop us from looking at someone who is hot or chic.

3. Our friends become the matrimonial partners

Like really? Right after the breakup, you will see your friends coming up so many anonymous solutions like this guy/girl is good for you. You want someone who is serious about you and what not/ Whenever we meet them, their eyes look at us like we have come up from a coma. They laugh extra in front of us and this makes them look really an idiot! They try to pick up the topic about our EX and then connect it with “You know I have a friend, he/she is also single.”

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4. Ok so we focus more on yourself

The way we focus on ourselves after a breakup, we have never actually focussed when we were in a relationship. From our hair to our nails, we tend to keep everything in proper condition. We apply face packs, have diet food, and what not. After more than a month, all of these diets, and face packs goes out of the window and we realise that we are good the way we are. We don’t need to be someone who we are not!

5. No more tension of lying to our parents or hiding anything, just RELAX

This is the best part you know! After the breakup, we feel relaxed. No need to lie and go out, no need to save that extra money to celebrate his/her birthday, just you and your family. Now you can enjoy the life the way you want. Your salary savings increases rapidly and you kind of spend a little bit more on your mom and dad. No late night talks and waking up late the next morning. Now sleeping on time and waking up late is fun.

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What Happens After Breakup - Funny Side Up

Life is beautiful and funny too. If instead of lamenting and crying we try to look at the funny sides, life would be much jolly. Have fun and smile, live life according to your demands. Give comfort to your family and your own self. Just breath and look around, hotness is everywhere. And if you are like someone like me, who gave up her friends and friendship to be with that guy, just breath and wink, cause you don’t know life is more funnier when you are own- master. Go out alone, and whenever you feel lonely, sit under the open and talk to them. It’s not a myth or a poem, they answer you in many forms like the chirping of birds, howling of the winds and even bird shit! I mean, it is their form of an answer. Just kidding, enjoy life, instead of crying over someone.