Boyfriend Writes an Open Letter to His Girlfriend

Boyfriend Writes an Open Letter to His Girlfriend

Guys aren’t known to be extremely expressive. But the guys, who are expressive, might not be able to pour their hearts out in just a single conversation with their loved ones. Let’s see what an open love letter of a boyfriend to his girlfriend looks like. How he expresses his love, her importance in his life, and the sweet memories that they have shared together.

Boyfriend Writes an Open Letter to His Girlfriend

Hey baby,

 I know I don’t need to write this, since we meet almost every day and talk every evening to each other. But these days all we talk about is our families, our commitments with work, friends and other little things. In this day to day chatter and banter, we often forget to reassure each other how much we love each other’s company. Just to remind you, that my love for you is forever, I am writing this letter, my love.  [ Read: A #Letter from A Newly Married Daughter to Her Mother and Father ]

Sweetheart, I still remember the first time I saw you four years ago at our mutual friend’s birthday party. Since I saw you, I wanted you in my life. I kept thinking about you long after I saw you there. The truth is, I enquired about you to my friends and got to know a little about you. I just wanted another chance to see you again. And soon I got that chance when I saw you walking down to your dance classes from your home, when I was sitting at the coffee shop. Since then, I went every day to that coffee shop at the time when you would walk down to your dance classes. Just to get a glimpse of you, I drank almost 30 cups of coffee for over a week. But I didn’t know if you remembered me from the party or even saw me back then. I couldn’t gather the courage to walk up to you and even say a “hi”. Finally, I asked our mutual friend to introduce me to you, somehow. So I and she were waiting at the same coffee shop that day just to see you pass by. I remember, she waved at you and called you over. You met her and finally she introduced me to you. Somehow, I had a word with you and got myself enrolled into the same dance class just to be around you. I had two left legs and was about to make a complete fool of myself, which you must be well aware of. But it was all worth it, since you and I became friends from there and finally, after knowing you for over a year I could gather the courage to propose you and you accepted my feelings and reciprocated the same for me. That day, till date, was the best and most blissful day of my entire life. [ Read: 8 tips for writing love letters ]

Since that day, I have never looked back in my life. In fact I have looked forward to every situation, every moment and every event in life, just because I have you by my side. Every moment spent with you made me happier. You make me proud, with every choice you make in life. Your love is a consistent encouragement for me as well, to do better in life. Your support during the tough times has been of great help to me. I hope I have stood by you whenever you have needed me as well.  [ Read: 4 Reasons why love letters are awesome ]

To be honest, girl, I cannot really think of being with anyone else. My day starts with your thoughts and ends with your sweet talks in my ears. I just hope to spend more time with you each day and cherish more moments of love and laughter along with you every day. Don’t ever have second thoughts about my love for you, just because sometimes I might not be able to be around to assure you about the same.  [ Read: An Emotional Love #Letter ]

My love is only for you my darling.

Yours and Only yours,

Love Struck Boyfriend. (Who is madly in love with you, by the way?)

Have you ever received a hand written letter by your boyfriend? Share with us how that letter made you feel special and amazing.