6 Reasons Why Your Boyfriend Might End Up Breaking Up With You


6 Reasons Why Your Boyfriend Might End Up Breaking Up With You

Breaking up or ending a relationship never feels or sounds good. But still, consciously or unconsciously our behaviours force our partner to think about break up. Actually, there can be many reasons for a breakup, you can’t categorise or pick point anyone reason for your breakup. Especially when your boyfriend decides to end the relationship, things definitely are not going great between you both. So, today we will discuss 6 primitive reasons that can be the sole reason for breaking up.

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6 Reasons Why Your Boyfriend Might End Up Breaking Up With You


#1 Constant poking and misunderstanding

Poking your partner in everything he does or stopping him from enjoying his life can be a warning sign for your relationship. Men are like birds, the more you try to cage them, the more they try to be free. Don’t poke them or stop them from enjoying their life, just like you, they too have their own sweet space. Understand their flaws, understand their space and most importantly, understand that they can’t ditch their personal moment of solitude for anybody.

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#2 Too much negative or emotional

Top 6 Reasons Why Your Boyfriend Might End Up Breaking Up With You

Anything which becomes too much or that becomes a habit, especially if it is something like “unable to forget your past” or “too much negativity”, breaking up becomes the only option. In a relationship emotions count’s a lot, it is the emotion which binds us together. And if this emotion or feelings becomes the reason for our fights and disputes, I believe nothing can be more devastating than this. And this can be the major reason he might break-up with you.

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#3 Too much of dependency or Codependency

Being too much dependent on your partner can be a major warning sign that he might be breaking up with you. Being dependent is fine, but, when your partner becomes extra dependent on you, it starts choking your life. I mean, being dependable is good, but, becoming codependent, is something that doesn’t really goes well. Like us, men also wants their girlfriend or life partner to be independent and free-minded, thus, keep an eye on how you behave with your man.

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#4 Sometimes distance creates the rift

Top 6 Reasons Why Your Boyfriend Might End Up Breaking Up With You

A sudden separation from your partner and lack of proper communication can also become one of the major reasons for breaking up. Staying away from your partner for long, and having improper or low communication can lead to separation or even break up. Distance can cause a major shift in your relationship if not taken proper care. Distance should be treated with more amount of communication and fewer misconceptions.

#5 Interference of the third party

Wooh! The third party can be a real pain in the leg. They come from somewhere and create the problem out of nowhere. An interference from the third party is something that should be strictly avoided. Never try to seek solutions from an outsider, you know your man very well and not that other person, so, trust your instincts rather than trusting an outsider. No matter how close that other person be, nobody knows your man better than yourself. So, consider your thoughts over any other person, or else, be ready to prepare yourself for a breakup.

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#6 Lack of attraction or feeling of boredom

Top 6 Reasons Why Your Boyfriend Might End Up Breaking Up With You

Lack of attraction or losing the passion for being with each other is something nobody wishes to go through. Especially when the feeling of coming closer to each other becomes too much boring, nothing can stop a person from feeling the way they want to feel, but, one can definitely stop anything negative from ruining or #breaking their relationship. Sex or the desire to come closer to each other is not anything cheap or negative, sex is the bond which makes us two bodies one soul. It is that feeling which acts like an instinct where the silence of one person speaks a lot that their words.